Keen Introduces Interpretive AI to Forecasting Tool

Keen Decision Systems, a next-generation marketing mix SaaS company, announced the launch of a new interpretative AI function to its platform.

Keen is the industry’s first and only decision optimization engine rooted in predictive analytics, powered by AI. The addition of interpretive AI expands upon Keen’s existing marketing mix modeling software to provide marketers with a comprehensive executive summary of their media plan in real-time.

The interpretive AI model overlay analyzes the media plan generated by Keen, while integrating global marketing level insights to provide a high-level analysis specific to that dataset. It also provides recommendations for spending and channel allocation over time, providing marketers with a comprehensive plan without the need for a full analysis. Further, the interpretive AI function adjusts to changes in a marketing mix model, providing new insights based on whether a marketer wants to optimize spend or maximize profit, or if there are changes in the marketing environment, such as seasonal factors or inflation.

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“Our platform has long relied on AI to create more impactful and efficient models,” said Greg Dolan, CEO of Keen Decision Systems. “By leveraging interpretive AI, marketers now have a full view of their marketing mix models, forecasts and spend in an easily digestible format, eliminating the need for extensive data analysis and ensuring that teams can deliver effective plan summaries in a matter of minutes.”

According to Keen’s Head of Product, Joshua Lucas, “We see AI as the key to driving down the expertise needed to build models, optimize plans, and communicate insights. From end-to-end we’re embedding AI in our platform to enable an informed, quick and delightful experience.”

Emily Doyle, of Premier Nutrition added, “This is a very cool way to visualize data and use AI to synthesize everything, it saves us time and makes our lives easier.”

Powered by AI, Keen Decision Systems, a Durham, NC-based, software-as-a-service company offers the only next-generation marketing mix system, which provides historical performance measurement, as well as predictive and prescriptive plans to optimize ongoing marketing-spend choices – across all channels, tied to financial outcomes.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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