Solodev launches A Cloud Platform for Managing Identity, Martech, Digital Advertising, and Payment Processing

Solodev, the cloud platform for developers, announced today the launch of Solodev Digital: a cloud-based platform of products, services, and expertise to help organizations deploy secure identity and access solutions, including Single Sign On (SSO), managed identity, self-service Keycloak, and consent. Solodev Digital also enables users and brands to build a stack of supported martech, digital advertising, and payment processing apps – and connect everything through one universal login.

IAM is a top technology focus in 2024
Identity and access management (IAM) has become an essential part of modern internet security. While outside threats from bots, hackers, and social engineering continue to mount, weak or stolen passwords are the root cause of 80% of data breaches. In 2023 alone, 94% of organizations experienced a data breach. With the rise of remote work, increased governance from HIPPA to GDPR, and heightened risks around managing multiple credentials, “passwordless” authentication powered by SSO has exploded in popularity.

Like a passport, SSO provides frictionless access to password-protected sites and applications. However, deploying SSO can be incredibly challenging and requires extensive knowledge of cloud and infrastructure security and practices. Managing multiple app credentials is also a burden for IT departments, where up to 40% of helpdesk queries are related to lost or forgotten passwords. This deters marketing teams from fluidly scaling and managing their martech, adtech, and payment tools while maintaining securely distributed user access.

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Solodev Digital is the answer to securely connecting your ecosystem of apps
With a blend of cloud software and human expertise, Solodev Digital helps organizations rapidly deploy their own identity strategy, allowing users to manage and scale a best-of-breed stack of supported martech, digital advertising, and payment processing solutions with one set of credentials. Solodev Digital includes:

  • Solodev Digital Identity
    Solodev offers a range of identity and consent solutions to meet almost any need or budget:
    • Managed Identity: A premium enterprise solution featuring turnkey implementation and management of your SSO. Work with Solodev engineers to develop a custom-branded login and access a dedicated SSO help desk with 24/7 monitoring and optional SLAs.
    • Self Service KeycloakWith Solodev, you can install a free self-service deployment of Keycloak – a leading open-source IAM solution – in your own AWS account to add strong SSO for your apps. Upgrade to custom features with Solodev’s Keycloak Launch Services.
    • ConsentManage user privacy and compliance around GDPR, PHI, and more by deploying a cloud-based customizable consent experience on your site. Provide choices to your visitors prior to collecting user data via cookies and other tracking technologies.
  • Solodev Digital Martech
    Unify access to your favorite digital marketing apps and browse a supported marketplace of AI-powered tools like DataDog, Google Ads, and Salesforce. Use the Solodev Developer Account as your “digital passport” to connect and manage everything under one login – securely powered by SSO.
  • Solodev Digital Advertising
    Build the perfect adtech stack and scale your digital advertising strategy with Solodev’s turnkey digital services. Get expert help to build and manage custom advertising campaigns that drive traffic and conversions, and leverage leading ad platforms like Apple, Amazon, Bing, and Google.
  • Solodev Digital Payments
    Work with Solodev’s team of digital commerce experts and deploy the right solutions to power your payment processing. Make every transaction secure and profitable by connecting with the world’s most trusted providers, including (a Visa company), PayPal, Recurly, Stripe, and more.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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