Nimble CRM and PhoneBurner Forge Partnership to Accelerate Outbound Sales Teams

Nimble, the relationship-focused CRM built for the whole company, not just salespeople, is excited to unveil its integration with PhoneBurner. This partnership blends PhoneBurner’s powerful outbound calling with Nimble’s prospecting CRM allowing sales teams to power through their call lists 3-4x faster and reaching up to 80 contacts per hour.

“By merging Nimble’s innovative CRM capabilities focused on relationship management with PhoneBurner’s advanced power dialing technology, we have created a robust suite designed to boost sales teams’ efficiency,” said Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble CRM. “This suite offers comprehensive tools for LinkedIn lead prospecting, contact enrichment, targeted outreach, efficient power dialing, call recording, streamlined Workflow lead qualification, and comprehensive Deal Pipeline management. We are thrilled to collaborate with PhoneBurner, aiming to offer our users a cohesive solution that simplifies sales processes and significantly improves productivity.”

Nimble and PhoneBurner empower you to navigate your call list three to four times quicker, streamlining tasks that traditionally take up time, such as prospecting on LinkedIn, compiling lists for targeted outreach, engaging in power dialing, logging, and recording calls, depositing pre-recorded voicemails, organizing follow-up activities, and efficiently moving contacts through workflow and deal pipelines. Additionally, there is no awkward pause at the start of each call, ensuring every conversation starts naturally.

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“Nimble is a relationship-focused CRM. PhoneBurner is a dialer built for efficient, human-centric 1-to-1 outreach. It’s a perfect match,” said Chris Sorensen, CEO of PhoneBurner. “Nimble’s unique ability to create enriched prospect lists from LinkedIn and online sources along with our integrated ability to facilitate live connections and lead nurturing workflows creates an exciting opportunity to accelerate sales for our customers.”

Key Benefits of Using Nimble and PhoneBurner Together:

  • Accelerate Prospecting & Call List Creation: Automatically grab and enrich leads from LinkedIn and build call lists in seconds. Utilize the robust segmentation feature of Nimble to create highly targeted outreach lists.
  • Power Dial 3-4x Times Faster: Reach up to 80 contacts per hour straight from the Nimble interface. Use custom scripts and leave pre-recorded voicemails.
  • Increase Call Answer Rates: Improve call deliverability and reduce the risk of Spam/Scam flags with a Tier 1 carrier and comprehensive support for a number health and reputation.
  • Streamline Data Entry Processes: Drastically cut the time required to log outcomes, record calls, leave messages, and schedule the next steps.
  • Stay in Sync Between Nimble & PhoneBurner: Contacts are synced including custom data fields. PhoneBurner calls are automatically synced to Nimble including call recordings, outcome status, next steps, and field changes.
  • Automate Workflow Lead Qualification & Deal Pipelines: Contacts are seamlessly moved through pipeline stages based on call outcomes.

“The Litigation Connection dedicates significant time each week to manually prospect leads, compile outreach lists, and pursue sales closures. The Nimble / Phoneburner integration has significantly streamlined our process by importing and segmenting lists and enabling precise micro-targeting of our contacts. Previously, our sales team grappled with sluggish call logging outcomes and notes, scheduling next steps, and lead flow management, which proved time-consuming and distracting. Thanks to the seamless integration of Nimble and PhoneBurner, our sales productivity has doubled,” said Jim Duffy, President of The Litigation Connection.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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