Bloomreach Offers an Unprecedented New Way to Maximize Ecommerce Search Revenue With the Launch of Loomi Search+

Bloomreach, the platform fueling limitless ecommerce personalization, announced the launch of Loomi Search+, premium AI-powered ecommerce search that maximizes revenue potential from longer search queries. Loomi Search+ is a hybrid search engine that combines Bloomreach’s semantic technology and proprietary data with model intelligence from Google Cloud. It returns precise results and broad recall sets for complex searches, allowing businesses to drive more revenue by ensuring customers’ long or nuanced searches yield the right results. Further enhanced by adjustable controls, Loomi Search+ will unlock an unprecedented new search experience for ecommerce businesses — and their customers — around the world.

“Loomi Search+ is truly delivering a new future for ecommerce search. Put simply: this is the only ecommerce search engine that doesn’t force businesses to sacrifice precision or recall as customers search with more than one or two words in a query,” said Anirban Bardalaye, Chief Product Officer, Bloomreach. “As consumers grow more comfortable with a conversational style of searching, businesses need technology that will allow them to show relevant results no matter how complex the search. Loomi Search+ is delivering just that, ensuring every business’s search experience stays ahead of customer expectations.”

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The Challenge
The two primary methods for delivering ecommerce search queries today use either vector or keyword search. While vector search captures the broader meaning of a search term and shows a greater number of similar results, it can often include irrelevant suggestions. And though keyword search offers precise, specific results, it can miss relevant items if search terms do not align with how merchandisers have described products. Either system can offer powerful results for shorter search queries, but it is the combination of both that offers the most relevant results for longer, more nuanced searches — which account for 30% of Bloomreach customers’ search revenue on average.

The Solution
Loomi Search+ brings two powerful search technologies into a single engine, giving businesses the best AI to optimize both short and long search queries. A premium extension of the company’s existing Loomi Search technology, it takes the highly precise results delivered by Loomi Search’s semantic keyword engine and fuses them together with a wider recall set of similar products, driven by LLM-powered vectors from Google Cloud Vertex AI. The result is a search engine that understands long or nuanced searches (such as “faux green plant in white vase”) and can deliver precise results in addition to a broad set of similar products. Businesses connect customers with what they’re searching for — no matter how they search.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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