Fullcast Unveils Copilot for RevOps to Enhance GTM Efficiency with Automation

Fullcast, a leading software and strategy platform for Go-to-Market teams, is proud to introduce Copilot for RevOps, a new addition to the Fullcast platform that streamlines how organizations approach revenue operations.

Copilot was designed to assist revenue operations teams with the daily task of keeping the customer relationship management (CRM) platform aligned with the Go-to-Market plans. Copilot offers teams the ability to automate common tasks such as dealing with new hires, terminations, role changes, balancing of territories, managing holdovers and tracking service levels.

By streamlining workflows through automated action framework and event-driven automation, Copilot for RevOps ensures the organization’s GTM plans are dynamic and always aligned to the plan.

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“Copilot empowers teams to automate repetitive tasks, enhance productivity and maintain alignment with the company’s Go-to-Market plans,” Fullcast CEO Ryan Westwood said.

Companies will be able to set operational policies for tasks like territory balancing and lead routing, ensuring that their plans are always up to date. Key features of Copilot for RevOps include the following:

  1. Automated rules: Businesses can create automated rules for common GTM tasks, such as territory auto-balancing and lead routing.
  2. Automated balancing of policies: Copilot ensures sales reps’ territories are always balanced and responding to moves, additions and changes in their CRM through operational policies.
  3. Automatic updates and CRM syncing: In conjunction with Fullcast SmartPlan, organizations can build and adapt their GTM plans with automated updates that are seamlessly synced directly with their CRM platform, such as Salesforce.
  4. Rapid lead response times: Copilot improves “speed to lead” by setting and tracking service-level agreements for leads and critical RevOps processes.

Fullcast enables companies to build better territories and win more deals by maximizing revenue, improving productivity of revenue and operations teams while increasing revenue. Fullcast connects Go-to-Market planning activities with tactical sales execution, enabling operations, sales, finance and customer success teams to make continuous adjustments in response to real-time strategy changes.


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