Leading PRM, Partner Marketing & Sales Ecosystem Enablement Solution Provider, Mindmatrix, Enhances its Sales Playbooks Module with Next-gen Sales Automation capabilities

Next-generation PRM, partner marketing and sales ecosystem enablement solutions provider, Mindmatrix Inc., has unveiled its enhanced Sales Playbooks Module that revolutionizes sales automation for not just direct sales, but also across the partnership and channel ecosystem. This upgrade represents a significant advancement in sales automation, offering businesses streamlined sales workflows, improved user experiences, and superior efficiency in their sales processes.

The upgrades to the Sales Playbooks module of Mindmatrix Bridge PRM and Partner Marketing platform, extends benefits beyond internal sales teams to Partnership and Channel Account Managers (PAMs & CAMs) and their partners, fostering collaboration and alignment across the entire sales ecosystem. PAMs, CAMs and their partners gain access to a comprehensive suite of resources, including sales playbooks, training materials, and marketing assets, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to excel as sales professionals. Through personalized portals and role-based access controls, PAMs & CAMs and partners can efficiently manage leads, track opportunities, and collaborate effectively. By empowering PAMs & CAMs, and partners, with the same advanced capabilities available to internal sales teams, this enhancement to the Mindmatrix Bridge PRM and partner marketing platform enables businesses to leverage their entire partner network effectively, maximizing sales potential and achieving mutual success.

The revamped Sales Playbooks module introduces several key features aimed at empowering direct and indirect sales teams and channel partners thereby optimizing their performance. It features advanced sales automation capabilities, enabling sales representatives to streamline their processes and focus on high-value activities. Notably, the module automates repetitive tasks, ensuring that sales teams and channel partners can devote more time to closing deals effectively. A notable breakthrough in this release is the implementation of sales workflow automation, enabling the seamless automation of the entire direct and indirect sales workflow. This includes automated updates of contact records and the automatic execution of subsequent sales actions tailored to individual contacts.

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Three Views for Enhanced Visibility:
The Sales Automation module introduces three distinct views to provide users with enhanced visibility and flexibility in managing their sales processes:

  • Sales Dashboard View: Provides a comprehensive overview of key sales metrics and performance indicators, enabling channel partners, channel account managers and sales teams to track progress.
  • Selling View: Offers a focused perspective on individual sales opportunities as well as accounts, allowing channel partners and sales teams to manage leads, contacts, and deals efficiently.
  • Sales Process View: Facilitates a structured view of the sales process, guiding users through each stage of the sales process.

Click-to-Dial Capabilities:
The enhanced Sales Playbooks module has click-to-dial capabilities, revolutionizing the way users engage with prospects. With a simple click within the platform, users can initiate calls directly from the sales playbook. This seamless integration eliminates the need for manual dialing and switching from the Mindmatrix Bridge platform to another application or an actual land-line phone, saving a considerable amount of time. Not just that, by integrating calling into the playbook, call reports can also be generated within the platform, thus providing more insight in sales/channel partner activities.


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