Workato’s RFC Connector Achieves SAP-Certified Integration with SAP Applications, Helping Customers Securely Automate Critical Business Processes

Workato, the leading enterprise integration and automation platform, announced that its RFC Connector has achieved SAP-certified integration with SAP applications. The solution provides customers with the ability to accelerate their organization’s digital transformation journey empowering business users to build integrations and automations without relying on IT and engineering. This SAP certification confirms that Workato’s capability as a middleware tool passes both functional and performance benchmarks.

Workato’s Connector provides a simplified experience to integrate with SAP systems, both on-prem and cloud. The Connector allows users to automate multiple critical business processes such as Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash between SAP applications and other applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Spend Management (BSM). Users can easily connect SAP applications to Workato securely via the On-premise Agents, which form a secure tunnel between the SAP application and Workato’s cloud platform. These agents help ensure load balancing and industry-leading encryption in transit. The Connector also uses intelligent metadata retrieval to provide business-friendly names for cryptic abbreviations for business objects which makes it easy for non-technical teams to automate processes involving SAP applications.

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With a heightened focus on security and governance, more and more enterprises are questioning the validity of the tools and applications used across their organization. Business leaders today look for products that are well-backed, industry-certified, and provide a sense of confidence when it comes to protecting data and sensitive information. With this type of certification, customers are confident in knowing that Workato’s RFC Connector has been tested, technically reviewed, and certified by SAP.

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“Avid has always valued security, power, and simplicity above all when it comes to advancing our digital transformation,” said Ravi Yelisetty, Senior Manager, Integrations at Avid. “When Avid began using Workato in 2019, there was no straightforward way to connect to SAP applications, which required us to build our own connector using Workato’s ADK. Now that Workato’s RFC Connector is SAP-certified, we can connect to our SAP system without any complications, giving our IT team peace of mind. With a best-in-class builder experience and a secure encrypted tunnel between our SAP system and Workato’s cloud-native platform, Workato became a core product for our team and one that continues to be a reliable solution.”

SOURCE: Businesswire

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