AdCellerant Launches Two New Groundbreaking Streaming TV Products

AdCellerant, a leading marketing technology and services company, proudly announces the debut of two revolutionary products poised to redefine Streaming TV advertising: Streaming TV Plus and Streaming TV Premium. These innovative offerings give advertisers unprecedented opportunities to engage their target audiences effectively and drive exceptional results.

“As our industry evolves, we must adapt,” said Candace Rhodes, senior vice president of operations. “Now more than ever, it’s imperative to focus on developing a high-quality Streaming TV product that can effectively navigate the upcoming cookie deprecation. Streaming TV Premium is that product.”

Streaming TV Plus sets the industry standard for advertising effectiveness, delivering ads on large and small screens with an impressive competition rate averaging over 90%. With cross-device attribution, access to 24/7 pacing and reporting, and advanced audience targeting capabilities, advertisers can optimize their campaigns for maximum impact and ROI.

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In addition to Streaming TV Plus, we’ve launched Streaming TV Premium, a truly exclusive offering. This product grants advertisers sole access to premium subscriber content on both large and small screens, ensuring ads are only shown on channels that viewers must pay to watch. With a completion rate averaging over 90% and robust features, including cross-device attribution, 24/7 pacing and reporting, and audience targeting capabilities, Streaming TV Premium provides advertisers unparalleled support to enhance brand awareness and drive conversions.

Streaming TV Plus, Streaming TV Premium, and the Addressable Streaming TV product, which offers unparalleled brand awareness-building capabilities, micro-targeting precision, and foot traffic attribution, underscore AdCellerant’s commitment to innovation and excellence in digital advertising. These groundbreaking products empower advertisers to connect meaningfully with their target audience, driving greater engagement, brand awareness, and return on investment (ROI).

AdCellerant partners with media companies and agencies to provide businesses access to high-quality digital marketing technology and solutions. Focused on generating results and growth for businesses of all sizes, AdCellerant offers best-in-class technology and software, award-winning customer service, expert education, and exceptional operational support to ensure customer campaign performance.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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