OneTrust Integrates with the IAB Diligence Platform, Powered by SafeGuard Privacy

OneTrust, the market-defining leader for trust intelligence, announced it is the first company to integrate with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Diligence Platform, powered by SafeGuard Privacy. The integration enables OneTrust users to seamlessly integrate IAB Diligence Platform vendor assessments into the OneTrust platform, boosting efficiency, accuracy, and accountability across the digital advertising industry and in adherence to data privacy compliance requirements.

IAB and SafeGuard Privacy, a SaaS-based compliance platform that enables publishers, agencies, brands, data providers, and tech platforms to assess partner compliance with global privacy laws, first introduced the IAB Diligence Platform this past January. By harnessing the power of interoperability, the IAB Diligence Platform facilitates dynamic and secure sharing of critical diligence information among companies, fostering collaboration and bolstering regulatory adherence across the digital landscape. This gives OneTrust users access to a powerful mix of capabilities that streamline digital advertising privacy compliance.

“The continued expansion of state privacy laws in the US is creating an increasingly fractured regulatory landscape,” said Blake Brannon, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at OneTrust. “New requirements around vendor due diligence are especially difficult for digital advertising companies who often work with thousands of partners. We’re proud to lead the way as the first company integrating with the IAB Diligence Platform, powered by SafeGuard Privacy. Amid growing regulatory complexity, we’re helping our customers meet compliance requirements with efficiency and at scale.”

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OneTrust also helps companies streamline compliance with IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) 2.2. OneTrust’s consent management platform fosters an advertising ecosystem where consumers, publishers, and vendors connect seamlessly to increase transparency. With OneTrust, users can provide consent choices and respect privacy rights, manage their vendors, and meet interface requirements.

“OneTrust is a leader in privacy and compliance, and we’re excited to have it as the first IAB Diligence Platform partner integration,” said Michael Hahn, EVP & General Counsel, IAB. “The partnership makes it easier for OneTrust’s clients to use both compliance platforms seamlessly. In doing so, it is helping to raise the bar for industry-wide diligence standards and showing that industry tools and privacy tools can—and should—work together to make diligence more efficient and effective for both sides of the ad transaction.”

IAB anticipates scaling the Diligence Platform across the digital advertising industry. The integration with OneTrust is a critically important step in that direction.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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