Allente Chooses MessageGears to Power Data-Driven, Cross-Channel Customer Engagement

Allente, the Nordic region’s pre-eminent TV and streaming provider, announced it has chosen MessageGears, the leading direct-data access customer engagement platform for enterprise brands, to power data-driven, cross-channel customer engagement to one million customers in NorwaySwedenDenmark, and Finland.

“Choosing MessageGears is a strategic leap towards the future for Allente. This pioneering platform offers unmatched security, ensuring that our customers’ sensitive data never leaves the safety of our in-house warehouse,” said Jon Espen Nergard, Allente’s CTO. He asserts that this security doesn’t come at the expense of accessibility; on the contrary, it fosters dynamic customer engagement.

“Our ability to instantly tap into comprehensive customer insights empowers us to not just reach – but truly connect – with our audience, tailoring campaigns with a precision that was once just a visionary goal,” added Nergard. “The seamless integration with our existing data warehouse simplifies this process, automating the intricate dance of data analysis and campaign execution. With MessageGears, we’re not just prepared for the future of customer engagement, we’re actively shaping it.”

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Key benefits for Allente include:

  • Automation, personalization, and channel optimization. The MessageGears platform will improve the ability for Allente to connect and leverage data across campaigns, including cost reductions, operational efficiency and campaign consistency.
  • Direct-data access. MessageGears’ native integration to Allente’s data warehouse, Google BigQuery, will give the team at Allente access to their entire customer data set in real time, without copying, moving, or syncing data between platforms. This leads to increased security and compliance as Allente no longer has to store any data outside of their secure data warehouse.
  • Native multi-channel engagement. MessageGears’ native cross-channel support for customer engagement across email, SMS, mobile push, in-app, web push, onsite, smart TV OTT messaging, and more, will provide a consistent message and experience across all channels.

Nergard continued, “The MessageGears platform will increase our security and compliance GDPR, increase our operational efficiency, lower costs and more effectively divide our technical resources. We will be able to create customer journeys that are intuitive, powered by real-time data and can scale as we grow.”

MessageGears is the only platform on the market that natively connects to modern data warehouses, data clouds, and data sources to deliver real-time, data-driven customer experiences.

“We’re thrilled to extend our partnership with Allente,” expressed Taylor Jones, Chief Customer Officer at MessageGears. “They are leading the charge when it comes to building cross-channel customer experiences that are uniquely engaging and valuable to millions of individual consumers. It’s inspiring to see their commitment to innovation in customer engagement and we look forward to helping them execute and exceed their goals.”


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