TripleLift Releases Industry’s First Test Results of 3rd Party Cookie Replacement Solution

TripleLift, the ad tech platform elevating digital advertising across every screen, released the industry’s first-ever large-scale test results showing that its recently launched first-party data targeting solution is effective across the web, including in cookie-constrained environments. Results show the offering massively improved outcomes for both advertisers and publishers when a third-party cookie was not available.

The solution, called TripleLift Audiences, is particularly effective in addressing nearly half of the internet that already functions without cookies, and creates a way forward as the industry prepares for further addressability outages in 2024. Currently, 47% of global ad requests are occurring in cookie-free environments. Once Google deprecates third-party cookie usage across its Chrome browser ecosystem, which is set to start in January 2024, estimates suggest that about 90% of the open web will be unaddressable in this manner.

“We have been discussing the coming cookie-pocalypse as an industry, but often forget that almost half the internet is already unaddressable. This is a boiling the frog moment happening right before our eyes,” said Ed Dinichert, Chief Revenue Officer at TripleLift. “While many ideas have been proposed, there has never been concrete results showing that any one of them can address deprecation at scale – until now. This solution is effective for advertisers.”

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The results, delivered in partnership with a major global consumer electronics advertiser, showed improved performance for impressions enriched with publisher first-party data. The advertiser achieved 33% lower cost-per-click when compared to impressions without 1st party data, but with a mix of third-party cookies and no cross domain identifiers. The test was conducted at scale, with 230 million impressions delivered and analyzed.

“First-party publisher data is underutilized in the programmatic ecosystem,” said Airey Baringer, VP Product Management at TripleLift. “TripleLift Audiences enables easy activation of first-party data to improve targeting on every impression, with or without third-party cookies. The data is superior and outcomes are improved for both publishers and advertisers.”


Since launching in June of this year, several brands and agencies have been running paid campaigns using TripleLift Audiences first-party data segments. Instead of dropping a cookie on users and following them around the web, this solution builds curated segments using the publisher’s data as a way of identifying and reaching audiences on their own websites. With more than 10,000 sites already opted-in, this approach to quality targeting addresses 30 billion daily ad impressions across 800 contextual and behavioral audience segments – all without the use of third-party cookies.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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