Eventdex Revolutionizes Seating Management with Cutting-Edge QR Code Technology

Eventdex, a leading provider of event management software, announced the launch of its new QR code technology for effortless table location and seating management, and check-in at events. This feature empowers attendees to quickly find their designated seats by scanning these QR codes using their smartphones, simultaneously simplifying the check-in process for event organizers and providing instant access to detailed table information.

Eventdex not only simplifies the process of seat location for event attendees through cutting-edge QR code technology but also enhances its versatility by efficiently checking in multiple individuals from the same company. This added capability makes it an ideal solution for a variety of events, including Galas, Annual Dinners, and Award Ceremonies.

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The QR Code feature comes with customizable design elements, allowing organizers to upload images, choose background colors, select font styles, and more. Beyond aesthetics, this feature empowers organizers to dynamically adjust table assignments and update QR code data in real time through an intuitive dashboard. This feature also enables searching by first name, last name, company, or email address.

Within the Eventdex admin portal, organizers have the flexibility to dynamically manage table assignments and update QR code data in real time. The round table feature facilitates the visual assignment of table numbers to attendees, while administrators can assign seat numbers based on the venue or theater seating chart.

The integration of QR codes brings efficiency to the check-in process by eliminating manual searches and reducing the likelihood of errors. Event organizers can easily manage and update seating arrangements on the fly, ensuring accuracy and flexibility. Eventdex’s QR code system for table location signifies a technological leap, streamlining event management and navigation. Eventdex’s technical sophistication marks a paradigm shift, ensuring a seamless and error-free check-in process for attendees.


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