Kargo and Discover Expand Multicultural Content Amplifier Program to Provide Investment Infrastructure and Resources to Gold House, equalpride and PinkNews

Kargo, a leader in attention-based, innovative advertising solutions and services for brands, retailers, agencies, and eCommerce, announced that platform and publishers Gold House, equalpride, and PinkNews have joined the company’s Multicultural Content Amplifier (MCA) program. Kargo and brand partner Discover are investing to support diverse content owners to grow their inventory to meet the needs of global brand advertisers.

Kargo’s Multicultural Content Amplifier program is a multi-tiered engagement approach that connects advertisers with multicultural-owned media. Kargo helps publishers increase their supply and connect to more advertisers, bringing in more revenue and giving them new tools to grow their business.

Kargo has already hired 30 writers and estimates hiring around 100 more in 2024. The team has generated 1500 quality articles in collaboration with partner publishers, which follow their content standards. Additionally, Kargo provides the programmatic advertising technology that publishers need in order to sell inventory to brands at scale.

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Kargo’s Multicultural Content Amplifier program includes:

  • Transformative investment into multicultural-owned publications
  • Employment of 100+ creators contributing content through a diverse lens
  • Editorial workshop training to assist with SEO & social engagement
  • Millions of new people exposed to multicultural-owned media content and brands
  • Ad Ops, website infrastructure & engineering support for publishers

“Kargo and their publisher partners give us the ability to reach the diverse content creators and audiences we want to connect with. We want our media to fairly represent our customers and our values, and with Kargo, we can move closer to achieving our goals,” said Amy Adams, VP Media at Discover.

“We’re proud to partner with Kargo and Discover to unite, invest in, and champion Asian Pacific-owned publishers, such as Brown Girl Magazine, Cold Tea Collective, and EnVi Media.  Affirming and authentic storytelling requires empowering and amplifying diverse storytellers, and we can’t wait to read all the stories that the Multicultural Content Amplifier will power.” Rose Yan, Vice President of Marketing at Gold House.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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