Omnicom Media Group Announces First-to-Market Commerce Audience Collaboration with Criteo and Clean Room Provider InfoSum

Omnicom Media Group, the media services division of Omnicom Group Inc. announced a collaboration with Criteo, the global commerce media company with the world’s largest set of commerce signals, that will take commerce media to the next level by enabling  high precision, real-time targeting across all commerce channels and devices, and at any point in the purchase process.

The partnership marks the first time that an agency holding company will have access to the high-value signals and performative insights in Criteo’s Commerce Grid – the industry’s first Supply Side Platform (SSP) purpose-built for commerce – for activation through alternative buying platforms.

Working with clean room provider InfoSum, OMG and Criteo will match audience data from Omni, Omnicom’s open source operating system, and client 1P data with Criteo’s insights of shopping intent for more than 750 million daily active users – in a privacy-safe way  –  to reach the desired commerce audience with unparalleled precision and efficiency. OMG will then  package desired commerce segments with OMG curated premium inventory from Commerce Grid’s 1500+ directly integrated publishers for activation in OMG’s preferred Demand Side Platform (DSPs), streamlining holistic campaign management, reporting, and optimization.

Leveraging the combined technology and data assets of Criteo and Omni, OMG Investment & Activation brands will be able to find and engage audiences based on real-time shopping data, habits, and affinities, in premium environments across all channels and devices, and at any stage of the purchase process, driving higher engagement and conversion rates for Omnicom clients.

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“Simply stated, this partnership enables us to reach consumers in the places they shop, and see who’s who’s buying what and where they’re buying it, ” says OMG Chief Activation Officer Megan Pagliuca, “adding another unique capability to our  portfolio of first mover connected commerce partnerships  that are delivering competitive advantage for our  clients. ”

Adds Criteo Global Chief Revenue Officer Brian Gleason, “This  partnership demonstrates Criteo’s value in driving superior commerce outcomes for advertisers, and the company’s commitment to giving agency partners like OMG greater flexibility in how they can activate Criteo’s unique Commerce Audiences, coupled with premium supply, through their preferred demand platforms.”

According to Forbes, in 2023 the e-Commerce industry is set to generate $6.3 trillion globally. To put that in perspective, if online sales were a country, it would have the third-highest GDP of anywhere in the world, second only to China and the USA. Current growth projections for 2023 are 10.4%.

Hindering marketers’ ability to drive engagement and conversion in e-Commece environments: commerce media on the open internet is fragmented, with demand side platforms (DSPs), supply side platforms (SSPs), and retail SSPs all operating separately. As privacy regulations continue to grow and third-party cookie deprecation looms, marketers and media owners will be looking for more streamlined solutions to manage, scale, and activate first-party data and addressable audiences.

“The meteoric rise of retail media is inextricably linked to the rapid adoption of data clean room,” says Brian Lesser, Chairman and CEO of Infosum. “By leveraging these data collaboration technologies, for the first time, multiple companies can collaborate using first- and second-party data to deliver powerful retail media experiences while fully protecting the privacy of consumers and safeguarding the security of their data.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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