Alliant Deploys Above Data’s AI Capabilities To Improve Data Quality and Unlock Revenue Growth Potential

Alliant, the leading data-driven audience company, announced that it has enlisted Above Data, an AI-powered data enablement platform, to improve its data processing and categorization capabilities. In doing so, Alliant gives brand marketers access to improved data quality and usability.

The partnership solves one of the biggest challenges for audience-based solutions providers, which is the efficient processing and categorization of vast amounts of raw transactional consumer data to specific products and product types. Alliant analyzes more than 1 million transaction descriptions each month and, to date, the process of reviewing, tagging and preparing disparate datasets for inclusion in Alliant’s products had relied heavily on manual processes.

By using Above Data’s AI-powered Classify solution, Alliant can now ensure better data quality and consistency for the insights that form its industry-leading audience products.

“As data continues to play a pivotal role in driving business decisions, it’s important that we embrace innovative solutions to harness the full potential of our data assets,” said Dave Taylor, Chief Product Officer, Alliant. “The instant success we’ve had in working with Above Data is a testament to the transformative impact of AI-driven data enablement in the ever-evolving landscape of consumer data analysis and audience targeting. It is important for Alliant to continue to innovate and continually look for ways to improve our operational workflows by leveraging AI.”

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To best utilize Above Data’s AI capabilities, the two companies worked closely to understand Alliant’s data and the specific requirements of the ideal output. Above Data’s Classify solution was able to immediately automate over 90% of the transaction classification process, saving Alliant nearly 100 hours of manual labor each month. The ability to create highly accurate results with rapidly is the result of Above Data’s years of research & development, building industry-specific training data and developing robust tooling to measure and optimize model performance.

The AI models’ ability to accurately interpret and categorize complex transaction descriptions has resulted in a more comprehensive and reliable data product for Alliant’s clients. This data is now able to provide new valuable insights to power its audience targeting, data enrichment and predictive modeling solutions.

“Advertising is a data-driven medium, but data is only valuable when it’s high quality and accurate,” said Ben Webb, CEO and Founder, Above Data. “Alliant’s forward-thinking investment in using cutting-edge solutions to increase data quality and improve operational efficiency will provide their clients with better products to drive marketing performance and revenue potential. Their customers will benefit from a deeper view of purchase affinities allowing for potentially new audiences and new variables.”


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