SetSail Launches “CRM Health Grader” to Help Businesses Find CRM Data Challenges That Are Hurting Revenue

SetSail, the sales data platform that helps revenue teams do what wins, announced the release of the CRM Health Grader. This free, browser-based tool securely scans Salesforce instances, analyzes missing CRM data, and issues a report showing the user’s highest priority data challenges.

The CRM Health Grader is available now, for free, and generates its report in seconds.

“Accurate and complete sales data is the foundation of an effective go-to-market strategy,” said Haggai Levi, CEO of SetSail. “Equipped with a CRM that has solid sales data, revenue teams are exponentially more effective. They can see what their reps are doing and know how to win in highly competitive markets.”

Today’s enterprise revenue teams depend on the health of their Salesforce data to drive growth. However, vital sales data is often siloed, locked in reps’ inboxes and calendars, or in tools that don’t effectively write back to Salesforce.

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Without that visibility, sales leaders can’t see what their reps are doing, RevOps teams don’t know what’s working in their sales process, and they both struggle to improve team performance and hit revenue targets.

The CRM Health Grader shows revenue teams the most serious problems in their CRM, such as opportunities closing soon without recent activity and contacts missing key information. The tool uses 12 critical indicators of CRM health, including metrics on opportunity data, contact completeness, rep activity, account coverage, and more.

After completing the grader, companies can manually fix glaring issues, or they can use SetSail to automatically centralize their sales data in Salesforce, accurately and completely. Revenue teams can then see what’s actually happening in their deals, get an accurate picture of rep performance, and drive more revenue.

“Clean, complete sales data is just the start,” says Peter Mollins, Chief Marketing Officer at SetSail. “The next step is using that data to figure out what your best performing sales reps do right — and then replicate those behaviors across your team.”


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