FullStory Enhances Session Replay with Industry-First Visibility into Tabbed Browsing

FullStory, the leader in digital experience intelligence (DXI), announced the launch of tabbed browsing visibility within Session Replay. Now brands using FullStory can easily and accurately view the modern customer journey on their own digital properties as users open, close, and switch between new tabs across web and mobile experiences. For the first time, brands can operate with a complete, continuous view of how users actually browse and behave to identify new ways to optimize the user experience and evaluate the impact of changes with full context.

“Tabbed browsing visibility for Session Replay extends the value of our DX data to deliver a deeper understanding of the holistic customer journey”

“Tabbed browsing visibility for Session Replay extends the value of our DX data to deliver a deeper understanding of the holistic customer journey,” said Agata Bugaj, SVP of Product for FullStory. “By combining autocapture with instrumented event data, we are able to reconstruct actual session behavior that includes web and mobile sites, apps, and now tabs — all in highest fidelity, with zero impact on site performance.”

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Understanding Tabbed Browsing is Crucial

According to recent studies, the average number of tabs open per browser is nine, which increases the complexity of what digital experience pros have to track. However, most product, digital, and web analytics tools are unable to show the natural tab-to-tab navigation performed by their users.

FullStory’s patent-pending tabbed browsing visibility advances the company’s award-winning Session Replay that is used by more than 3,300 companies worldwide to create better digital products and experiences. Powered by FullStory’s patented DX Engine, tabbed browsing gives brands a reliable new way to transform DX data into action, and action into value. FullStory stands apart by autocapturing and structuring 100% of all digital interactions on both web and mobile without requiring instrumentation or manual tagging, providing clients with a single source of truth for DX to grow revenue, save time or money, and innovate.

Tabbed browsing visibility offers the ability to:

  • Understand how users navigate websites. FullStory clients are always oriented to their users’ actions, following the user’s focus across tabs as they browse, research, and compare.
  • Interact with active or inactive tabs for context on why users browse the way they do.
  • Get clear, structured feedback when users create, switch, or close tabs to quickly identify key behaviors.
  • Maximize trust with FullStory’s privacy-by-default approach that ensures brands never risk collecting sensitive user data. Tabbed browsing for Session Replay provides visibility into individual client sites and apps — and never across other brands and properties.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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