ScreenMeet Partners with Natterbox to Launch Natterbox Remote Assist, a Visual Support Tool for Contact Centers

ScreenMeet, a leader in customer support solutions that includes fully integrated screen and mobile camera sharing, has announced a partnership with Natterbox, a global innovator in contact center solutions, to empower contact centers around the world to increase first contact resolution, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

“With the ever-increasing demand for efficient and effective customer service, Natterbox’s integration of ScreenMeet’s technology addresses a critical market need by providing agents and customers with intuitive tools to support immediate visual assistance,” says Jamie Cooper, CPO at Natterbox. “Our partnership with ScreenMeet helps streamline communications, simplifies complex problem-solving, and directly engages with customers in their moment of need.”

With the launch of Remote Assist, agents can now seamlessly view customers’ screens or camera feeds, granting them the visibility to guide troubleshooting, product setups, and service explorations with precision and ease across any device, web, or application without requiring downloads. This advanced yet user-friendly platform offers multi-channel support, automated session data logging, and an intuitive user experience, ensuring seamless and efficient interactions.

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“We are excited to announce our collaboration with Natterbox on their innovative solution, Remote Assist Powered by ScreenMeet. This integration is designed to deliver faster and higher-quality support interactions, exceeding customer expectations while reducing operational costs. By combining our strengths, this partnership aims to revolutionize the customer support experience through the perfect blend of innovation and efficiency,” stated Ben Lilienthal, CEO and Co-founder of ScreenMeet.

Natterbox and ScreenMeet will work closely together to ensure seamless integration of their respective technologies, enabling contact centers to enjoy the benefits of this collaboration. As a result of this partnership, contact centers will have the tools needed to overcome online support challenges, improve the productivity of their agents, and deliver remarkable experiences to their customers.

Natterbox is a leading provider of global contact center solutions for the world’s #1 CRM. It facilitates better, more aligned business conversations through voice, digital channels, and AI tools.


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