Tailwind realizes 60% growth in AI content generation with Chrome browser extension

Tailwind users created 60% more AI-generated copy in the first 7 days after the company pushed its generative AI feature – Ghostwriter – into its popular Chrome extension, as well as its Safari and Firefox extensions.

“Because small business marketers are pressed for time, it made sense to offer fast access to Ghostwriter through our browser extension,” says Daniel Maloney, Co-founder and CEO. “Now, marketers can tap into the power of generative AI wherever and whenever they need it.”

Tailwind realizes 60% growth in AI content generation with Chrome browser extension

Tailwind’s deep background in social media and small business marketing propelled the company to the forefront of the generative AI movement after repeatedly seeing that content creation was a recurrent blocker for marketers.

Tailwind began investing in proprietary content generation in 2019, and expanded that investment with the acquisition of Replier.ai in 2021.

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In late 2022, Tailwind released Ghostwriter, a generative AI product trained to help users write descriptions for Pinterest. Now Ghostwriter supports Instagram captions, Facebook posts, email subject lines, and image generation. It also allows users to generate other types of copy with a generic text feature. Additional applications of this technology are in development and will be released during Q1 and Q2.

Users have responded with high praise and even higher product adoption rates.

“Tailwind Ghostwriter is a huge time saver! It helps me create descriptions that are even better than I could write myself,” says Katie Fenske, Tailwind user.

“Like everyone at Tailwind, I’m intrigued by the ways that AI can help marketers be more productive and efficient. I can’t be the only one who gets frustrated by the wait to access other AI tools. Now, all I have to do is tap the Ghostwriter icon, and get the copy I need, with NO wait.” Susan Moeller, Director of Marketing at Tailwind.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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