CodeCrew Releases Its First-Ever Top 50 Email Marketing Campaigns – Boutique email marketing agency CodeCrew releases their first-ever bi-annual lookbook.


The average person receives over 100 emails a day. And, with many of those coming from brands and marketers, it can be a colossal challenge to ensure that your message truly stands out.

Boutique email marketing agency CodeCrew believes that considered, bespoke design , has a huge role to play in determining the success of a client’s email marketing program. Co-Founder Alex Melone says “design is often overlooked by agencies and clients as a major area of importance. We believe that in an email marketing context, it should be given as much consideration as strategy, A/B testing, data and reporting.”

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That’s why they have chosen to release their first annual lookbook, encompassing the agency’s most impactful email designs of H1 2022.

The lookbook spans a variety of designs created for brands like Great Jones Goods, Oru Kayak, and PetLab Co. These include promotional work, holiday-themed campaigns and content-dense, informative touches.

It also showcases some of the ROI, revenue increases and YoY improvements CodeCrew has achieved for their clients in 2022 so far. This further illustrates that great marketing strategy alone does not suffice when competition for inbox placements is so high.

According to Alexandra Marin, Code Crew’s Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, “it’s so much more than choosing colors and font sizes. Design is an unspoken but incredibly powerful way of building a memorable relationship with your audience. And in a business when you’re never face to face with your customers, that means everything.”

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