A New Frontier for Enterprise SaaS Tooling: Jacquard Set to Redefine AI in Marketing as the Category Architect That Enables Enterprise Brands to Speak the “Customer’s Language”

Jacquard, the enterprise tooling for brand messaging that resonates everywhere, arrives on the automation scene as a major player in the future of AI deployment. Built on over a decade of empirical data from Phrasee, Jacquard is an established category architect. It’s also set up for success with an invigorated leadership bench and standout branding, which combine to demonstrate the ambitious growth trajectory of the business.

Devised to solve enterprise-level brand messaging challenges, Jacquard is fuelled by purpose-built architecture and language calibration. These combine to produce trusted content at scale and drive lasting brand affinity with consumers.

Resonate everywhere

Jacquard represents a milestone moment in AI messaging generation for the world’s marketers. It enables brands to input their unique tone of voice and specific creative brief requirements and generate messaging that’s expertly calibrated to reflect customer preference – through the use of proprietary AI tooling alongside its computational linguist team. So a brand’s lifecycle marketing can work harder, reach further and resonate more deeply with every customer through automation. The platform delivers at speed and scale, engaging audiences all over the world in a personalised way.

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Messaging that performs

Jacquard’s core platform can generate up to 2,500 message variants in 30 seconds from a single brief. Its enterprise tooling curates brand language for compliance, performance, and campaign diversity. These campaigns beat human controls 94% of the time – and 100% over time when using Jacquard’s Audience Optimisation add-on. Jacquard’s Personalised Campaigns add-on takes this even further, generating tens of thousands of personalised messages.

Branding to reflect universal application

Jacquard has also unveiled its new branding – developed in partnership with London-based technology brand specialists, MultiAdaptor.

The name was influenced by a pivotal invention in the industrial revolution: the Jacquard loom. This innovation fuelled the transition from manual to automated production of complex patterns, amplified the efficiency of weaving, and inspired the first programmable computers. It parallels the Jacquard proposition – with its purpose-built architecture to harness the power of AI, emulating craft at scale.

The central idea of the brand, to resonate everywhere, underscores Jacquard’s relevance to global enterprise and speaks to its ability to help the world’s biggest brands meet customers where they are, in a more meaningful way.

The brand’s identity is high-tech, high-quality, and deliberately distinctive in an industry of software sameness.

The Jacquard brand will be unveiled in full at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity from Monday, 17 June 2024. The launch kicks off with an advertising takeover of Nice Airport, where a total of 58 ads will be on display.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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