Engage Technologies Group and APX Platform Announce Merger to Form Full-Service, Medical Practice Management, Business Insights, and Patient Engagement Solution

Engage Technologies Group, Inc., a cloud-based SaaS company that has invented a powerful technology platform that seamlessly unites marketing automation, expertly curated content, omnichannel communications and mobile intelligence into a single patient engagement solution, is merging with APX Platform, a multi-dimensional, training, growth, and peak performance solution that combines all aspects of a practice into a singular lens, to form a full-service, medical practice management, and business insight solution. The combination of the two synergistic technology platforms and business models will help practices increase revenue, productivity, and profitability as well as improve patient engagement and satisfaction worldwide.

Engage Technologies Merges with APX Platform to Transform Patient Education and Practice Optimization for Healthcare

Engage delivers critical information to patients at the height of interest and critical moment of need via its proprietary mobile intelligence technology. APX Platform provides a Learning Management System focused on the medical aesthetics market that includes training modules, financial analytical tools, business analytic dashboards to manage KPIs. The two companies announced Thursday that they are working on an agreement to merge.

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The newly merged company will operate under the Engage Technologies Group banner, and APX Platform will be marketed as “APX Platform powered by Engage”. Together, they are strategically and technologically positioned to reshape the healthcare industry and build a stronger brand by helping remove patient barriers to knowledge, optimizing provider/patient communication, improving healthcare practice management in the areas of sales, finance, operations, and translating business insights into strategic actions that drive proven results. The merger not only creates an expanded and cross-pollinated network, but also significantly augments the joint capabilities to effectively service enterprises, practices, and patients end-to-end.

Engage Technologies Group has a proven track record of improving patient outcomes and optimizing sales force performance working with top healthcare practitioners leading global enterprises in the Ocular, Dental, Aesthetic, and Healthcare markets to help increase patient engagement, adherence, and persistence. APX Platform brings strong expertise with practices of all sizes and stages of business within the world of Aesthetics, helping them to increase practice efficiency, and profitability by analyzing their data to make strategic informed business decisions, and train every member of their team to drive more revenue into the practice.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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