V2 Communications Continues to Expand Client Roster, Services and Management Team


V2 Communications (V2), a public relations and digital communications agency for disruptive global brands, announced its continued momentum building brands across cleantech, healthcare technology and B2B technology, fueled by a growing client portfolio and expanded content services.

“Our vision is to be the best agency and partner for disruptive brands, and we continue to prove that as we grow our client roster, team and services,” said Jean Serra, CEO of V2 Communications. “Just as our clients continue to innovate themselves, we are too, by leaning into emerging technology and communications strategies to tell our clients’ stories and achieve their business goals.”

Client Portfolio Grows Across Sectors

Since the beginning of the year, V2 has added nearly a dozen new brands to its client roster, across the agency’s core areas of sector expertise. These include:

  • Act! – a leading provider of comprehensive CRM and marketing automation solutions that connect businesses with their customers, allowing professionals to build relationships, not just transactions.
  • Agilitas Energy – an integrated developer, builder, owner and operator of distributed energy storage and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems that is building a national footprint of projects that will support broad-scale transition to renewable energy.
  • ChurnZero – a recognized leader in Customer Success dedicated to helping subscription businesses succeed at scale. The B2B technology company is known for its powerful, enterprise-class Customer Success platform and its ongoing partnership with its users to ensure they get what they need to increase revenue, improve efficiency and deliver the best possible customer experiences.
  • Exo – a pioneering health information and devices company that is developing point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) solutions to ensure providers around the world have access to high-quality, affordable and easy-to-use medical imaging.
  • Lob – the leading direct mail automation platform enabling intelligent mail and transforming the antiquated direct mail process for marketers. Lob’s platform simplifies marketers’ direct mail efforts with hyper-personalization, measurable ROI and campaign analytics, and automated workflows for omnichannel campaigns—all at enterprise scale.
  • Uplight – the technology partner for energy providers and the clean energy ecosystem. They lead the industry, connecting over 80 utilities and 110 million energy customers to products and services that accelerate decarbonization, reduce energy costs, and positively impact people and their communities.

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Content Services Expand

Attaining brand awareness takes more than earned media alone. V2 has introduced a suite of sponsored content services as an extension of its successful content practice. These six sponsored content service offerings were developed based on the shifting market and media dynamic and are supported by content teams that specialize in writing and social media, including:

  • Expert Councils: Pursuing invitation-only, industry-centric executive groups focused on elevating thought leadership and always-on campaigns.
  • Influencer Content Creation: Partnering with industry experts to develop content that can be promoted across owned, paid and earned channels.
  • Native Advertising: Placing articles via branded, in-feed units matched to a publisher’s site look and feel to extend the reach of earned coverage or other content.
  • Newsletters & Podcasts: Getting in front of key audiences via sponsorship of podcast and newsletter content.
  • Paid Editorial: Seeding messaging and thought leadership in a controlled way.
  • Video-based Storytelling: Collaborating with traditional media outlets to develop feature video—and often accompanying editorial—to highlight company work.

To support existing and new client accounts as well as services enhancements, V2 also announced today that Megan Nealon, Nicole Metro and Jillian Young have been promoted to Vice President. All three vice presidents have years’ long tenures at V2 and will be laser focused on ensuring clients receive the agency’s hallmark big thinking, bold moves and better outcomes from their communications programs. This momentum comes on the heels of Jean Serra taking the helm as CEO and expanding the leadership team of the agency.

These milestone moments for V2 are representative of why the company recently won Best PR and Communications Agency Team of the Year by the Bulldog PR Awards.

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