Top 3 Marketing Technology Trends in 2022

Today, marketing technology trends are the center of attraction for many businesses. This is because businessowners are now making it a topmost priority to utilize advanced marketing tools to boost their business growth. In the near future all marketing efforts, big or small, will require MarTech solutions.

There is an increased and visible need for flexible technology solutions for businesses. The need for adoption of marketing technology, its integration, and optimization are going to increase in 2022 and in the future. Here are top 3 trends that are the driving force behind the need for the adoption of marketing technology.

  1. Demand for Personalization in Customer Experience

Businesses are undergoing a complete digital transformation. This fast-paced transformation is forcing companies to explore new and innovative ideas to approach their customers. This is driving the growth in the demand for MarTech solutions as more and more businesses are opting for MarTech solutions.

For a more personalized customer experience businesses will now focus more on marketing technology products. This will increase their team’s ability to manage and produce content. With the existence of customized products/services, and self-service; customer experience cannot be personalized further.

This also rules out practicing email marketing techniques as this too is a common marketing technique. This is where sentiment analysis comes to the rescue as it can help marketers increase personalization and create a better and more personalized customer experience.

  1. Increased use of Business Intelligence (BI)

The best way to collect data for analyzing business processes is by using business intelligence. Business intelligence is a combination of apps and marketing technologies. Today, a large percentage of small businesses are dependent on business intelligence automation marketing tools. These tools are helpful for businesses to plan their strategies and goals. Since 2021, there is a significant hike in the BI adoption rates.

BI tools are very popular among marketers as they are very easy to use. This software is based on sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. The USP of these BI automation tools is that they do not require you to have programming skills.

Business intelligence tools also come with predictive built-in analytics that help businesses in preventing online risks. The demand for BI tools will certainly increase in the future considering its potential to provide an excellent customer experience.

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  1. Increasing Demand for Chatbots

With growing trends and inventions of new technologies more and more businesses are investing in chatbots for a smooth customer interaction. Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized businesses avoid using this marketing technology strategy. This in turn results in customer outflow and zero customer retention.

Chatbots are digital tools and also a great MarTech solution, that significantly helps in expanding contacts. It is also a great tool to analyze and collect valuable information/data from customers.

In 2022 and beyond there will be an uptake in the implementation of chatbot tools. Many companies are actively investing time and efforts in making chatbots even more realistic. This is to create a greater and much better illusion of human communication.

We are already living a world completely surrounded by digital technologies. Marketing technologies are just a greater addition to this list. These marketing technologies, are attracting more and more businesses to approach and experience various MarTech solutions. As a result, it is now a must and also the best decision to implement a modern MarTech stack into your business.

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