Mux Announces Integration with New Relic for All-in-One Streaming Video Observability

Mux, the leading provider of online video infrastructure, announced an integration with New Relic, the all-in-one observability platform for every engineer, that delivers end-to-end visibility into streaming video products across platforms. Engineering and operations teams can now correlate Mux Data with application and infrastructure performance in the New Relic platform to quickly detect and troubleshoot issues, ensuring a consistently high Quality of Experience (QoE). This allows organizations to gain access to a comprehensive monitoring solution that covers the entire streaming workflow, leading to viewer engagement and customer retention.

With complex streaming workflows, it can be difficult to identify the root cause behind online streaming outages, like problems with rebuffering or video startup time—which can result from an issue with streaming or within the tech ecosystem, such as the app itself or its underlying infrastructure. The troubleshooting workflow is also made more difficult and time-consuming by the need to review across multiple data sets and tools. Integrating Mux with the New Relic unified data platform gives users a “single pane of glass” view of all the possible issues that might impact the viewer experience.

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The Mux and New Relic integration allow users to:

  • Proactively improve service quality with alerts on signals, like viewer count changes and playback failures, correlated with client-side signals, like crashes and error rates.
  • Analyze user sessions in full detail, with a pre-built dashboard to see the complex interactions between the video player, content delivery network (CDN), client app, and backend services.
  • Monitor performance across devices with a rich, combined dataset of video analytics and data from web-based environments, mobile, Smart TVs, and Roku to unlock new insights about app and customer behavior.

“In fast-paced digital landscape, errors and downtime can mean significant loss in revenue—so maintaining optimal viewer experiences and ensuring seamless backend operations are crucial for media and entertainment businesses,” said Manav Khurana, Chief Product Officer at New Relic. “Offering enhanced observability across the entire customer video experience, Mux and New Relic are together providing engineers the data needed to detect and resolve issues at lightning speed, ensuring a consistently high quality of experience without wasting time switching between tools.”

Mux is deeply focused on empowering our customers to deliver the absolute best streaming experience to their viewers,” commented Mux CEO and Co founder, Jon Dahl. “By supercharging Mux Data with New Relic, we are creating a microscope-like experience for streaming app developers and operations teams. They get a full, detailed picture of the end-to-end streaming experience, including video playback and app performance.”

SOURCE: Businesswire

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