Advisor Internet Marketing Enters Into Strategic Relationship With Advisors Excel to Help Independent Advisors Grow Their Practice With Just An Internet Connection And A Cell Phone


– Advisor Internet Marketing specializes in helping independent financial advisors grow wildly profitable location-independent businesses.

– The pandemic has forever changed the way advisors attract, serve and retain clients and our industry will never be the same, according to Advisor Internet Marketing.

– Advisors can predictably attract ideal prospects and close business without in-person meetings.

 Advisor Internet Marketing (“AIM”), the first fully digital-based financial marketing organization, announced they have entered into a strategic partnership with Advisors Excel, an industry leader.

AIM is the first in the industry that specializes in providing digital client acquisition services to help independent financial advisors grow a profitable location-independent business with just an Internet connection and a cell phone.

“The pandemic has forever changed the way advisors attract, serve and retain clients and our industry will never be the same,” said Jovan Will, Co-Founder of AIM. “The partnership with Advisors Excel will provide our advisors with unparalleled back-office support, case design services and access to proprietary product offerings.”

“We chose to support AIM because they have a similar business philosophy and value system as Advisors Excel,” said Advisors Excel Co-Founder Cody Foster. “Like us, they do everything they can to help grow their independent financial advisor’s business and take it to the next level.”

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AIM enables advisors to operate “virtual” businesses that completely bypass traditional client acquisition methods, thereby eliminating the need to have a brick-and-mortar office, large staff, or in-person meetings with prospects and clients.

AIM’s fully integrated value offering unburdens advisors from time-consuming and outdated traditional marketing efforts. It enables advisors to grow their practice with just an Internet connection and a cell phone, with features including:

  • Done-for-you digital marketing that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced predictive targeting to generate qualified annuity leads and scheduled appointments, 100% turnkey and fully automated.
  • Virtual client acquisition training to enable advisors to confidently close new business, while delivering massive value to clients without in-person meetings.
  • Advanced annuity strategy masterminds that help advisors gain an edge over their competition by providing insider access to income planning and case design strategies.
  • Best-in-business annuity contracting to give advisors access to the best annuity contracts from top rated carriers and proprietary product offerings unavailable to most advisors.

This partnership will help AIM continue to redefine the rules of success for the modern, independent advisor.

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