Heylol Messaging App Reaches Product Market Fit


The accomplishment comes as a result of constant resource and development with a loyal group of Gen Z users

Heylol’s team of developers are pleased to announce they have successfully reached the ideal market fit for its messaging app.

Heylol is a free and brand-new messenger app that provides users with funny gifs, pictures, fresh memes, and viral videos that can be shared amongst friends. The app’s aim is to collect the most popular and amusing images and videos in one convenient place to make messaging and sharing a breeze – all while being incredibly fun and easy to use.

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In the app’s most recent news, Heylol is celebrating an important milestone by reaching its product market fit. This comes as a result of two years of continuous R&D with a loyal group of users from the Generation Z. Additionally, the app is boasting a remarkable 2,000 active users per day – a number that is growing exponentially each week.

“Our users, who are mainly Gen Z, send a whopping average of 400 messages per day, which is 20x more than other applications such as TikTok,” says founder of Heylol, Adam Azani Gotthilf. “Heylol is the first app to give influencers the power to have a real conversation with their audience. Our goal is to bring people with the same interests together, making it very easy to make new friends via the app.”

Heylol can be downloaded for free on Google Play or the App Store.

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