Psychedelic Therapy Leader Mindbloom Launches Mobile App To Expand Access To Specialized Coaching and Content


Mindbloom, a psychedelic therapy leader, announced its new mobile app, providing Mindbloom clients with powerful tools to improve the effectiveness of their ketamine treatments with personalized guidance and support. The app is designed to meet clients’ individual needs and help them achieve safe and effective experiences.

“Guidance and support have always been critical to successful psychedelic treatments,” said Dylan Beynon, CEO and Founder of Mindbloom. “And the new Mindbloom app puts this personalized, transformative support at people’s fingertips.”

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With the new mobile app, Mindbloom clients can:

  • Find support: choose clinicians and guides who best suit their needs, and schedule at convenient times
  • Connect with experts and peers: sign up for 1:1 coaching sessions with their guide, as well as facilitated group integration circles with other Mindbloom clients
  • Prepare for sessions: find instructions, expert videos, and intention-setting guidance for each session
  • Experience enriched sessions: listen to embedded audio tracks, specifically curated to accompany medicine sessions
  • Process insights: additional content to help clients reflect on experiences and integrate insights into their lives

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