Teltech Unveils New Look for Confide Encrypted Mobile Messaging App


Product updates secure a more intuitive and protected user messaging experience with the introduction of conversation threads, confidential mode, and enhancements to iMessage and group chat experience

Teltech, an innovative telecommunications company and leader in mobile application development, announced its first major feature redesign for Confide, the encrypted mobile messaging app it acquired in late 2020. The update includes core changes to its messaging features, including the introduction of conversation threads and confidential mode, as well as enhancements to iMessage and the group chat experience.

The new additions to Confide will effectively augment the app’s private message security customization, giving users more control over their intimate conversations while also creating a more intuitive and user-friendly messaging experience. Through these new features, Confide further positions itself as the premier encrypted mobile messaging app for keeping confidential conversations just that.

“With more cyber threats than ever before, it’s important that we create safeguards to protect the privacy of our messaging app users who entrust Confide with their most intimate conversations,” said Patrick Falzon, CEO of Teltech. “We’re confident the new Confide features, which will roll out as part of this update, will lay the groundwork for creating a safe space for sharing discreet messages.”

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New to Confide:

  • Confide Conversations: A new and improved conversation layout will feature a conversation thread experience in which previous communication will be visible in the Conversations view. Users will have more control, allowing them to select the desired level of security for each individual conversation. Confide’s premium feature takes this one step further, unlocking the ability for users to retract individual messages, an upgrade from the previous model of retracting all unread messages at once.
  • Confidential Mode: One of the biggest additions to the app is Confidential Mode, a new feature that will allow users to control the level of security for each message they send. A substantial settings update will provide users with the ability to set a default Confidential Mode setting to control which mode all conversations begin, as well as the option to change this setting within each conversation.
  • Group Chat: An update to the group chat experience will upgrade the chat flow to allow all users to be visible within the thread, instead of only seeing messages from one person at a time. Senders will now also see the number of users who have read a specific message and will feel confident knowing that confidential messages will permanently disappear once all members of the group chat have viewed the content.
  • iMessage Extension: A new extension as part of the update allows for users to take more control of their conversations in iMessage. Users will be able to configure specific messages to disappear after a certain amount of time and further protect private conversations, regardless of having a Confide account.

In addition to these core messaging updates, Confide users will continue to enjoy the superior privacy and protection features the app has come to be known for, including end-to-end encrypted messages, self-destructing and screenshot-proof texts, and confidential text reading technology as part of the messaging experience.

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