Top 5 Intriguing Mobile Marketing Trends in 2022


The constant change consumer behaviors has given rise to many mobile marketing trends in the past few years. Brands  have changed the way they approach marketing strategies and implement them. Today, businesses have started to shift their focus to mobile apps and mobile marketing. 

Like all other marketing methods even mobile marketing is changing and evolving rapidly. But when you carefully analyze consumer and brand behavior you can see many trends going on in the mobile marketing world that is further boosting its usage and popularity. Here are our top five picks among the many mobile marketing trends in 2022.

Shoppable Links

During the pandemic, mobile commerce had witnessed a boom like never before. This boom is still encouraging more and more social platforms to implement shoppable links on their content (ads or blogs). Even brands and social media influencers are in on this concept and actively implementing shoppable. 

This is helping users to avoid the extra efforts of Googling any brand they come across on social media and instead directly visit their online store with a single click. The growth of shopping apps and shoppable links is increasing every day and even in the future, this growth doesn’t seem diminishing.

5G will bring in new opportunities

Ever since the talks of 5G being a reality have come into existence it has always been linked to mobile marketing trends. The logic behind this is pretty simple, more than half of the world is online and most probably 3 out of 5 people are shopping online. So, with 5G entering the market there will be better and enhanced network speed which will create more opportunities for marketers.

With 5G marketers will be able to make high-quality video ads and use virtual and augmented reality the way it is supposed to be used.

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AR and VR technologies

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will open doors for more realistic experiences for users as many brands are implementing AR/VR technology in the form of a mobile application. Similar to Facebook which announced that is rebranding itself as Meta for more AR/VR possibilities many other brands will soon follow this lead. This is a great mobile marketing trend because it can help consumers visualize how a product will look in real that too on their mobile devices and also simplify the buying process for them.

Creative formats for a better mobile ad experience

With all the AR/VR possibilities and the arrival of 5G, consumers will spend even more time on their mobile screens than they already do. This will give marketers the time and reason to focus on delivering the best mobile ad experience. It will become more important that consumers have a better ad experience as their conversion rate is highly dependent on the ad experience. Marketers will soon be seen offering exceptionally creative formats that will engage more mobile users and make interacting with them more fun and easier.

In-game Marketing

Gaming has witnessed a major boom in the number of online as well as mobile gamers. Today gaming apps are the more preferred type of mobile apps. In-game advertising is soon going to be considered a standalone ad category. This has become the growth driving factor in the mobile gaming industry and has made the in-game ad industry more lucrative for investors as well as marketers. This has further made mobile marketing much easier and more capable of reaching out to a larger set of audiences or say gamers.

Considering the current statistics and trends in mobile marketing, businesses should think about incorporating them into their marketing strategies more actively.

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