GPS Insight, in Partnership with Bobit Business Media, Releases 2022 Fleet Safety Report

GPS Insight, a leading provider of SaaS-based fleet and field service management software and complementary solutions, announced the release of the 2022 Fleet Safety Report, a research study created and distributed in partnership with Bobit Business Media aiming to better understand the key goals and challenges fleets face in building effective safety programs. The report is comprised of 3,411 survey responses, collected in spring 2022, from fleet safety professionals across various job functions, industries, and fleet sizes.

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Drivers are any fleet’s greatest assets. While imperative that drivers’ health and safety be prioritized, an organization’s reputation and profitability depend on the behavior and performance of those behind the wheel. To establish a culture of safety while bolstering performance and efficiency, on-board safety systems provide high-level visibility across the entire fleet while on the road. The GPS Insight Fleet Safety study examined the safety hurdles fleets face, the safety solutions they use to achieve safety goals, the benefits fleets realize from vehicle and video telematics, and the tactics they use to integrate safety technologies across their fleet.

“The future of our fleets depends on all of us working together to cultivate a culture of safety, from safe driving behavior to well-maintained vehicles and equipment,” said Shay Demmons, Chief Product Officer of GPS Insight. “Two-thirds of fleet safety professionals who utilize a video telematics system report it has improved driver safety, lowered insurance costs, reduced accident costs, proven when drivers weren’t at fault, and minimized at-fault incident rate.”

“And as technology advances, so does the acceptance of dash cams in fleet culture,” Demmons said. “Drivers are realizing cameras aren’t about Big Brother; the right technology is empowering drivers to make better decisions behind the wheel without management having to review hours of footage. Cameras can coach in real time and also defend drivers who are targeted on the road.”

Bobit Business Media, publisher of Automotive Fleet, Government Fleet, Heavy Duty Trucking, and WorkTruck, assisted with the deployment and distribution of the survey. As the world’s largest fleet publisher and authority on fleet vehicle management, Bobit is entrenched in fleet safety.

“It is evident that fleet professionals are working to put safety first, and safety technologies are critical parts of that plan,” said Chris Brown, fleet group editor at Bobit Business Media. “The 2022 Fleet Safety Report demonstrates that fleet safety solutions can assist managers and supervisors in enhancing safety, retaining drivers, satisfying customer requests, and reducing costs.”

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