KWIK’s Difference- Providing Verified Reviews In A Trillion-Dollar E-Commerce Sector

KwikClick, Inc., an industry-leading software platform developed to uniquely connect sellers with buyers and influencers while merging the benefits of social media marketing with the intense power of individual affiliate and word of mouth marketing is pleased to announce platform upgrades providing a competitive advantage over competing apps.

KWIK’s enhanced filters uniquely promote authentic product reviews. KWIK Founder Fred W. Cooper, Ph.D., explains that importance, “The problem with current reviews on large retailers’ reviews is they create problems for consumers due to fake positive reviews. These reviews can be bought and manipulated, as indicated by the roughly sixty-seven percent of consumers assuming reviews are fake or paid for. Thus, at the end of reading the reviews, a consumer is still left wondering if the product is right for them and if the brand will deliver on their promises. KWIK has changed that dynamic.”

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With these enhancements, KWIK emerges as the only known platform providing checks and balances to an unregulated review-filtering system, eliminating the negative reviews that should have never been published and instead promotes authentic value-adding verified content critical to business success. Most importantly, the KWIK platform filters “bot”-generated reviews and replaces them with genuine content from people interested in the product, a differentiator that can fuel brand, product, and marketing success. In addition, KWIK’s easy-to-use platform gives access to the consumer’s data, including the date of purchase, order history, and who is sharing and saying what about their goods or service, a service distinction providing brands a means to reach directly to consumers and improve the product, service, communication, and validation of their work.

KWIK is a SaaS (software as a service) platform developed to connect sellers with buyers (participants) while merging the benefits of social media marketing with the intense power of individual affiliate marketing typically associated only with network marketing organizations. The free downloadable app has the potential to turn all social media activity into a product solicitation on behalf of sellers in an unobtrusive manner. Furthermore, the app allows participants to be compensated for all sales that occur as a result of referring any product or service they wish to promote actively or passively as they correspond socially, through mobile devices or online.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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