HUMAN Security Solutions to Enhance Protections for Ad Traffic Quality on LinkedIn

HUMAN Security, Inc, the global cybersecurity leader in disrupting bot attacks and preventing digital fraud and abuse, announced that it has expanded its relationship with LinkedIn to help detect invalid traffic (IVT) on LinkedIn and across its network of publishers, including connected TV (CTV). With this partnership, HUMAN’s unparalleled visibility and telemetry data will help enhance and uphold quality standards for advertiser campaigns, filtering invalid traffic pre-bid across LinkedIn and detecting post-bid across LinkedIn and its network of publishers.

Combining advanced detection techniques, hacker intelligence, collective protection, and unprecedented visibility across the programmatic ecosystem, HUMAN Security’s solution for LinkedIn drives increased confidence in the validity and quality of traffic on LinkedIn via detection of IVT. Since integrating with LinkedIn in May, over the past 30 days, HUMAN has detected less than 1% of impressions as invalid traffic for desktop ads on LinkedIn and across its network of publishers, including CTV, across all device types.

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“HUMAN is thrilled to partner with LinkedIn to support their mission of connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful,” said Jay Benach, General Manager of Media Security at HUMAN Security. “As the largest professional networking site, LinkedIn’s partnership with HUMAN will support overall platform integrity, help marketers better reach their intended business decision-makers, and ultimately improve ad performance.”

“Our professional community of more than one billion members provides B2B marketers unique opportunities to reach and engage decision makers,” said Abhishek Shrivastava, VP of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. “Our work with HUMAN furthers our goal to continue providing advertisers with a safe and trusted ecosystem to run their campaigns.”

HUMAN is a cybersecurity company that protects organizations by disrupting bot attacks, digital fraud and abuse. We leverage modern defense to disrupt the economics of cybercrime by increasing the cost to cybercriminals while simultaneously reducing the cost of collective defense.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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