Boomi Announces New AI-Powered Agents Available on the Boomi Enterprise Platform for Unprecedented Speed ​​of Innovation

Boomi , the leader in intelligent integration and automation, announces the first six Boomi AI Agents recently revealed at the Boomi event World will be available in the Boomi Enterprise platform as part of current customer licenses, allowing customers to take full advantage of AI-powered capabilities for unparalleled innovation. These agents are:

  • Boomi Answers: Stop spending time digging through user community discussions and articles. Just ask questions on Boomi and get the most helpful answer from 240,000+ community users.
  • Boomi DataDetective: Stay on top of data privacy, protect sensitive information with AI-powered data classification, and track where data is being sent.
  • Boomi DesignGen: Have generative AI design onboarding processes based on over 200 million common patterns and best practices.
  • Boomi GPT: Describe integration and automation needs in natural language and chat with the Boomi Enterprise platform to get more relevant results, faster.
  • Boomi Pathfinder: Provide patented suggestions on the next best steps to take when building onboarding processes.
  • Boomi Scribe: Avoid manually writing documentation on existing, AI-generated onboarding processes, and let generative AI take care of the detailed description of processes and business use cases.

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To accelerate innovation, Boomi recently launched the Boomi AI Agent Framework , a set of no-code integration and development capabilities that enable businesses and IT users to run AI agents built by Boomi or Boomi partners, and create and run their own AI agents to solve pressing integration and automation needs.

“AI-powered agents are revolutionizing industries by automating repetitive tasks, analyzing vast data sets, and providing personalized customer service,” said Steve Lucas, CEO, Boomi. “Data is the lifeblood of AI, especially with pretrained transformers and LLMs. Boomi provides this data, and Boomi AI Agents improve efficiency, accuracy, and scalability for organizations by operating around the clock with high precision, optimizing decision-making, supporting human workers, and driving growth. ‘innovation. These capabilities lead to increased productivity and cost savings, making them invaluable assets for organizations to maintain a competitive advantage. »

AI agents are sophisticated software entities designed with a specific scope and personality, allowing them to operate within predefined parameters and display particular behaviors. Operating autonomously, they can make decisions using advanced AI-based reasoning algorithms and can take actions independently to achieve their goals. AI agents can operate with or without human intervention. Additionally, AI agents can work independently or collaborate with other AI agents, depending on the requirements of the task at hand. Such flexibility and autonomy make AI agents highly versatile and capable of performing a wide range of functions in various applications, improving decision-making processes with data-driven insights, and driving innovation by enabling new applications and new services.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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