Samba TV Expands Partnership to Power the Meaningful Rating Point for Havas Media and US Clients Through Converged Audience Planning Tool

 Samba TV, a leading TV data company, announced an expansion of its partnership with Havas Media Network North America. Samba data now powers the Havas Media Meaningful Rating Point (MRP) product for cross-platform planning and measurement, and Samba audience targeting segments are also now available for US clients in Havas Media Network’s Converged platform. Converged is Havas Media Network’s industry-leading media audience planning tool, which was recently announced as the foundation for Havas’ new Converged Operating System.

Havas Media’s proprietary audience and data management platform uses Samba’s proprietary automatic content recognition (ACR) data for both linear and streaming audiences for optimization across clients in the United States. With this release, Samba data is also used for Havas Media’s MRP, a unique product that goes beyond traditional TV ratings and takes into account qualitative and quantitative audience factors to provide its video investment team with a more nuanced and holistic view of the video landscape. Havas Media’s MRP incorporates Nielsen, Comscore, and Samba’s comprehensive multi-brand Smart TV dataset, which covers second-by-second show-level viewership and streaming.

While traditional ratings such as the GRP quantify reach after viewing has occurred, the MRP, powered by Samba data, not only provides a real-time analysis of an audience’s reach but also its engagement. Further, Samba’s integration allows Havas Media to easily integrate a client’s custom audience segments for campaign targeting, driving meaningful results for a client’s specific brands and audience segments. Several hundred standard Samba audience segments are now accessible in Converged, as well as customized segments for advertisers that have unique needs. The audience segments make TV audiences addressable on all screens for advertisers that want to extend campaign reach from TV to digital, retarget to extend frequency, outmatch the competition, use cost-effective methods for TV tentpole campaigns like the Olympics, and more.

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“We’re excited to expand our partnership with Samba TV and build customized solutions that enable us to perform advanced analytics and data science where we need it,” said Mike Bregman, Chief Activation Officer for Havas Media Network North America. “Through this partnership, we will leverage Samba TV data in our cloud environment for custom model development, personalization and activation in a truly meaningful way for clients in the US. Samba’s granular, real-time data is an ideal complement to Nielsen and Comscore data that we leverage in the MRP and across Converged to plan, activate, and measure for campaign optimization.”

“Havas Media has always been an innovator with data and we are proud to see what our collaboration with Samba’s TV data unlocks for advertisers across the US,” said Ashwin Navin, Chief Executive Officer at Samba TV. “Being independent of any media platform, our viewership data can be deployed to measure and optimize digital walled gardens, the open web, as well traditional media, so Havas Media advertisers can feel confident that they are getting efficient reach and tools to reduce excess frequency across platforms.”

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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