Movable Ink Unveils Da Vinci AI

Marketing AI Engine Helps Brands Build Deeper and Smarter Relationships that Drive Customer Lifetime Value

Movable Ink, the leading content personalization provider, unveiled Da Vinci, an innovative AI marketing technology. Da Vinci is an AI-driven content personalization engine that creates a more meaningful approach to individualized content and helps brands achieve higher customer lifetime value.

Da Vinci, unveiled at Movable Ink’s annual Think Summit conference, leverages the power of AI to build, balance, and navigate a map of a brand’s catalog through editorial and promotional content across marketing programs and over the customer relationship.

“Between ever-changing consumers’ tastes and needs, and the laborious work required of brands to reach every customer, the marketer’s struggle has become insurmountable,” said Vivek Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder of Movable Ink. “Existing campaign processes are outdated and focus on next-best actions and short-term customer value, leaving revenue and relationship-building opportunities on the table. Current approaches drive short-term, limited results in lieu of maximizing engagement and long-term revenue. Da Vinci pursues a longer-term, mutually beneficial strategy that leads to higher customer lifetime value—a game-changer for brands worldwide.”

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Da Vinci applies AI to build a map of a product and transactional space, identifying the optimal path forward for each customer and allows marketers to:

  • Optimize for higher customer lifetime value. A unique content discovery path is created for each customer that organically guides them to more relevant products and categories throughout marketing programs, helping achieve higher lifetime value for the brand.
  • Use AI while still maintaining creative control. Da Vinci isn’t a black-box approach to AI; instead, marketers can promote specific products or categories that are integral to their brand identity or aspirational for the future. With Da Vinci, marketers don’t have to give up the personal touch that only a human can add.
  • Improve efficiency and streamline email operations. With an easy-to-use UI, brands can decouple content creation from campaign setup and scheduling. By automating decisions in advance of inevitable calendar changes and approval delays, brands can create operational efficiencies and generate the best communications for each customer and prospect at the right time.
  • Protect margins and reduce reliance on promotions. Brands today over-rely on promotions and discounts to get customers to engage. With Da Vinci, marketers can generate a personalized path of editorial and promotional content customers are most likely to engage with while balancing short-term revenue with long-term relationships.
  • Enable feedback loops to inform creative. Da Vinci has a creative library with content analytics that identify how creative has performed across different audiences (i.e., impressions, conversion, clicks, etc.) High-performing content will remain in circulation and be tested on new audiences, while low-performing content automatically falls back. Feedback loops also help brands measure revenue lifts in a more disciplined way.

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