Argo Translation Launches CMSConnect: Slack to Facilitate Multilingual Communication Among Teams

Argo Translation, a Chicago-based language services company, announced the launch of CMSConnect: Slack. The tool simplifies multilingual communication for the nearly 35 million users of Slack, a popular cloud-based team communication platform. This launch marks another addition to Argo Translation’s CMSConnect, a revolutionary suite of translation connectors that includes translation integrations for a multitude of CMS, PIM, CRM, and DAM platforms, including Microsoft SharePoint, WordPress, and Adobe Experience Manager.

As a multinational translation company with 29 years of experience, Argo Translation has worked with countless customers to solve the challenges created by language barriers in the workplace and their negative impact on productivity. With the launch of CMSConnect: Slack, the company has made coordinating with associates overseas, providing customer support to non-English-speaking clients, or working on a multilingual team effortless for its customers.

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With native integration in the Slack platform, CMSConnect: Slack is easy to use. Once a customer has authorized Argo Translation access to their Slack workspace, customers can choose which of the 80+ languages and dialects they want available to their team. Afterward, users simply add the corresponding flag emoji to the text intended for non-English speakers to prompt an AI translation. Additionally, users can generate a voice message from translated text and translate attached documents.

⁠CMSConnect: Slack workflows are fully customizable, allowing for the display of a quality score with every translated message. Argo Translation can also implement a custom language model to refine the messages for improved tone, clarity, and grammar.

Peter Argondizzo, co-founder of Argo Translation, shares, “CMSConnect: Slack is a game-changer for multilingual companies and customers. I believe this tool will transform how businesses communicate with global associates and usher in a new era of productivity and inclusivity.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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