NETdepot Evolves with the Launch of its New Website and Customer Platform


NETdepot is honored to bring Customer Success as a Service to their clients by announcing their improved website and new customer platform, Nexus, both of which launched on March 1, 2022.

The brand evolution of NETdepot’s website comes along with a commitment to customer success. Marketing Director, Victoria Dekerlegand, says the website update came about in order to better enable customers, even before they become clients, to navigate through the site. “We worked to improve the user experience,” says Dekerlegand. “We wanted to better define NETdepot’s product set and reflect our professionalism through a new perspective on our improved product set.”

Over the past year, NETdepot’s internal development team has been designing a premium platform that enables NETdepot to deploy new products, services, and feature enhancements rapidly to their enterprise customers.

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President and Chief Cloud Officer, William Souder, said that the Nexus platform would provide exponential success for NETdepot’s partners and customers.

“Nexus is an exceptionally innovative and easy-to-use platform that encompasses the needs of partners and customers alike,” says Souder. “Our team has worked diligently to provide Customer Success as a Service, and, through this platform, we hope to achieve that.”

VP, Software Engineering, DevOps & Automation at NETdepot, Chris Horne, says how intentionally his team has created this premium platform for their customers.

“The Nexus platform is made in-house, bespoke, and tailored uniquely for our customers,” Horne says. “The future possibilities of this platform are endless, and we are working towards a fully single-pane-of-glass experience for all of our customers.”

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