Instagram Marketing Partners: Help Businesses Make Optimum Use of Instagram

Did you know, a person spends around 28 to 30 minutes on Instagram daily? Have you ever thought about the time you spend scrolling on Instagram and try to cut back on it but fail? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one trying to change this habit. 

Social media channels, especially Instagram have emerged to be an integral part of our daily lives. Be it for entertainment, promotion and now even as an e-store. Instagram has become a crucial means of marketing and not just a social media platform that enables uploading photos and videos. To take advantage of this and help businesses grow through this social media platform, Instagram has launched Instagram Partners. If you are wondering what that is and how it can help your business, then this article is for you.

Who are Instagram Partners and How can They Help?

Being an Instagram marketing partner involves the idea of a brand or business approaching any one of the several approved companies listed as Instagram partners, for partnership to promote their product or services. The ultimate aim of this collaboration is to extend their marketing strategies and eventually improve sales. Instagram has approved several companies as its marketing partner such as Zapier, Shopify, Apex-Drive etc. 

These partners are well aware of the tools and techniques suited for digital marketing and also know how to harness the power of Instagram to expand brand awareness. The ultimate aim of this partnership is to scale success and drive both brand and performance by providing expertise on three key areas of Instagram such as Ad Tech, Community Management and Content marketing

  • Ad Tech- Advertising partners can easily manage ads from the planning, buying till the optimization process
  • Community Management- It allows marketers to understand the Instagram community and find ways to improve interaction with the target audience
  • Content marketing- This can be considered as one of the assets of Instagram marketing, as it helps businesses to create, curate and source content.

How to get partners on Instagram?

Now that we have an idea of what Instagram partners are, let’s focus on how to get a partner on Instagram. There are several types of partners on Instagram that can help a business to grow. This includes campaign management, creative platforms, feed platforms, conversion rate, and sales on Facebook among others. These partners basically provide marketing assistance within their niche.

Instagram MarketingFor example, a campaign management specialist will take over to manage, scale and optimize a campaign including targeting audiences, reporting and providing analytics. Whereas, a creative platform partner will help in designing and developing creative content in the form of images and videos. Similarly, conversion rate partners help with the customer data including web and offline activities and community management partners focus on engagement by managing brand related communities through pages and conversations.

To find a perfect partner for your business, Instagram has provided stories so one can go through those as a reference and collaborate with the one you find most compelling to your product niche. One can narrow down their search on the basis of solutions a partner provides, or the industry they specialize in and even on the basis of region.

Will This Impact The Effectiveness Of Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing has gained immense popularity over the years and become a mainstream medium for promoting a brand online. Influencers usually have a high fanbase and it makes it easy for brands to promote their product through such creator’s pages, as the return on investment through this is considered to be profitable. The reason behind this is the trust and sentimental connection followers have with these people. 

To channelize this, Instagram and Facebook came up with launching new tools that can be used to connect with creators or influencers within Instagram only and utilize their following or you can say fanbase to promote a product. So, even with Instagram partners marketing in action, influencer marketing is still expected to run over a long period of time. 

For instance, as per a survey carried out by Statista research department, 54 percent of respondents stated that their organizations worked with up to 10 influencers, whereas 3% said they worked with over a thousand influencers. In a way, Instagram marketing partners and Influencers can both benefit from this initiative. It can help both the parties in expanding their customer reach, collaborating with influencers and creators and by marketing their brand in multiple ways. 

Examples of Instagram marketing partners campaigns

Instagram Partners Marketing tool was tested and implemented in 2015. Since then several businesses have incorporated this tool and managed to collaborate with some of the best marketing partners approved by Instagram. To elaborate this let’s look at the examples issued by Instagram itself.Instagram Marketing

  1.  “We’re delighted with the results from this new partnership.”

This was quoted by Axel Ramírez, Lead Advertiser at Hawkers Co. Hawkers international, a fashion eyewear e-commerce company collaborated with an Instagram partner and helped the company to get 77% higher returns on advertising spend when compared to their link ad campaigns. This was made possible by running carousel ads on Instagram which were designed and operated by 

  1. “CitizenNet helped us drive the engagement and awareness we were hoping for. Instagram and CitizenNet will continue to play an important part for Fandor.”

Fandor is a film subscription viewing service and they opted to partner with CitizenNet one of the leading Instagram partners which helped them to gain 60% more video views than expected. This was ensured by CitizenNet’s initiative to run adverts on Facebook and Instagram. To make this happen, Fandor created several videos and the further campaign, targeting and placement was taken care of by CitizenNet.

  1. “These adverts are resonating with our Instagram community, and they’re engaging at stronger rates compared to our traditional retargeting channels.”

Another great example to understand the helpfulness of Instagram partners is the collaboration between jewelry company Brilliant earth and Instagram partner company Kenshoo to retarget their visitors to its website with the help of personalized product adverts. To achieve this, Kenshoo uploaded the product catalog of Brilliant earth on business manager which automatically advertises their featured products on the basis of what a customer is looking for. This helped Brilliant earth to get people to visit 24% more pages than usual.

Take Away

One of the significant things that strikes the most about Instagram partners is the fact that Instagram itself has become a crucial means of marketing and not just a social media platform that enables uploading photos and videos. You can clearly say that, with Instagram marketing skyrocketing, promoting your brand or business with Instagram partners will surely help reach new horizons. 

This growth can be attributed to the various features Instagram has been providing such as different forms of image and video sharing such as stories, carousels, IG TV and now reels. In addition to this, Instagram is looking forward to providing better tools and techniques such as launching new tools for connecting influencers and brands within Instagram app as well as online store access through app and much more to see in future.

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