LinkedIn Launches New Podcast Network Aimed at Professionals

LinkedIn Launches New Podcast Network Aimed at Professionals

With the piloting of its new LinkedIn Podcast Network, LinkedIn is expanding on its individual podcasting. The organization claimed in a statement last week that the program would give viewers access to top industry creators as well as programs made by its in-house News team.

By following podcast visitors and subscribing to their weekly emails, all LinkedIn Podcast Network episodes will be available worldwide on LinkedIn. These broadcasts aren’t just available on professional communication networks; they’re also available on other podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The shows will be aimed at a professional audience and will include topics like interpreting technology, comprehending the recruiting process, and managing mental health, among other things.

External podcasts will also be able to join the LinkedIn Podcast Network, allowing brands the opportunity to promote their content in front of a larger professional audience. This form can be used to express your interest.

By following podcast hosts and subscribing to their weekly newsletters, users will be able to access podcast broadcasts from all around the world straight on LinkedIn. They’re also available on other podcasting services including Apple and Spotify.

LinkedIn hopes that the podcasts will lead to more dialogues and engagement with the host and the rest of the LinkedIn community. Podcasts have grown in popularity as a means of disseminating information and growing audiences. According to research, 28 percent of the population aged 12 and up in the United States now listens to podcasts on a weekly basis.

LinkedIn is following in the footsteps of HubSpot, which started their own business and professional podcast network last year.

We’re seeing an increase in the number of podcasts focused at professional audiences these days, and being able to host these types of podcasts on LinkedIn might be really beneficial to your brand, particularly for B2B companies. In comparison to Spotify or Apple Podcasts, these kinds of podcasts are likely to do much better on this platform.

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