Perry Solomon Establishes Advisory Group to Assist D2C and B2B Brands with Growth, Scale & Exit Strategy

Solomon Growth Advisors is Meeting the Surge in Demand from Amazon-Based Brands

Solomon Growth Advisors LLC is now working with select brands to create once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for asymmetric upside. Led by Perry Solomon, the advisory group mentors entrepreneurs to create profitable growth and an exit strategy for brands selling on Amazon where appropriate. As a partner of Razor Group, an international private equity-backed firm specializing in Amazon FBA businesses, Solomon Growth Advisors helps develop and scale brands, creating opportunities for acquisition if desired.

“Having recently completed a 7-figure exit of three consumer product brands through Razor Group in two separate transactions, we have first-hand experience as to their integrity and professionalism,” said Perry Solomon, Founder and CEO of Solomon Advisors. “We are honored to be a contracted partner of Razor Group and look forward to aiding the founders and stakeholders of organizations that we provide board advisory services for to achieve potentially life-changing success via an Amazon exit. While our board advisory services are in no way limited to Amazon brands, this is currently where we are seeing the highest demand.”

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“We couldn’t be happier to be partnering with Solomon Growth Advisors,” said Jonas Diezun, Co-Founder of Razor Group. “Early to mid-stage entrepreneurs often struggle to build and manage a successful Amazon presence while balancing all the other responsibilities of brand building and product development. By assisting with Amazon strategy, Solomon Growth Advisors allows entrepreneurs to focus on core competencies while still being fast-tracked towards success. The wealth of knowledge Perry Solomon brings to the table is invaluable and working with him to acquire recent brands is helping us create a platform for further expansion in the US.”

Perry Solomon is a serial entrepreneur with over four decades of experience. Always at the forefront of e-commerce, Perry has been running highly trafficked and profitable B2C and B2B websites since the 1990s. Having participated in four exits in the past 12 months, including consumer brands primarily sold on Amazon such as Aleratec, Prosumer’s Choice, and TunePhonik, Perry has substantial experience and expertise in the currently supercharged environment of highly capitalized Amazon aggregators.

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