Rakuten Super Logistics is Now ShipNetwork Under New Ownership

A leader in the eCommerce shipping industry, Devin Johnson, announced the purchase of Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL), a national leader in the 3PL (Third Party Logistics) sector. The newly acquired company will now operate under the brand name ShipNetwork.

“We view the purchase of RSL, and its evolution into ShipNetwork, as a tremendous opportunity to further develop the company’s extensive network and capabilities,” explained Devin Johnson, Chief Executive Officer and owner of ShipNetwork and sister company, FirstMile. “This acquisition will allow ShipNetwork to continue to build on its existing partnership with FirstMile, thereby providing all of our clients an additional full suite of logistics parcel technologies and solutions.”

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State-Of-The-Art Technology and Industry Leading Client Service
With the goal of providing eCommerce retailers best in class products and services, as a result of this purchase ShipNetwork clients will have access to the full suite of both domestic and international transportation solutions and technology.

Johnson added that the acquisition of ShipNetwork will benefit both the company’s current clients, as well as those of its sister company, FirstMile.

“Clients of both ShipNetwork as well as FirstMile will gain added volume and density from our expanded network, enhancing both company’s abilities to reach deeper into postal and regional carrier networks,” Johnson said. “We expect this to result in both reduced costs to our clients, as well as improved service performance.”

Going forward, ShipNetwork expects to add to its current footprint facilities in both the eastern and western regions of the nation. Plans are for new facilities to be larger than current RSL locations, thereby expanding the company’s abilities to support larger-scale retail distribution for current and future clients that may require enhanced capability.

With the explosive growth of online commerce—as seen by the critical role of eCommerce during the Covid-19 pandemic—the importance of logistics firms in the nation’s supply chain has continued to grow; as national leaders in the 3PL sector, ShipNetwork and sister company FirstMile allow eCommerce merchants to focus on operating—and growing—their respective businesses, with the knowledge that both companies ensure delivery of their products in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

“We assume responsibility for warehousing, warehouse technology, fulfillment, and shipping expertise,” Johnson said. “For our clients, that means their entire focus can be on ensuring that their eCommerce businesses run at optimal capacity and continue to prosper.”

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