DatChat Releases Details of Near Photo Realistic Habytat Metaverse, as Pre-Registration is Now Available


DatChat, Inc, a secure messaging, metaverse, and social media company, through its SmarterVerse, Inc. subsidiary, announced that Geniuz City, the first world of the Habytat will be based on the design and layout of a near photorealistic city of Miami, and its surrounding areas. Pre-registration is now open at SmarterVerse.com.

The initial phase of Geniuz City will be limited to an initial 500,000 land grant recipients. Design, renderings, and details of the new metaverse are available to be viewed on Habytat.io.

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Recipients of Geniuz City land grants will receive a deeded NFT for their property after achieving a predetermined level of active participation. As recipients of land parcels interact with their property, the more it can continue to grow, improve, and evolve. Additionally, the Habytat metaverse will be based on an advertising-based revenue model and will offer rewards and additional incentives for active participants.

To learn more about the Habytat metaverse, please visit SmarterVerse.com to watch the newly released video presentation, join the pre-registration list and view details about Geniuz City.

“It is very important to us that our metaverse is as close to realistic as current technology provides and is easy to use while providing useful tools to enhance our daily lives,” said DatChat CEO Darin Myman. “This is why I am urging others to take the time to watch our new video presentation and view details about Geniuz City on SmarterVerse.com.”


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