Adlucent, a leading performance marketing agency focused on growing profitability for retailers and brands, has introduced Adlucent Index™, a technology that allows digital advertisers to bring more control to ad platform automation.

Researched, tested and developed by Adlucent to help performance marketing clients find more valuable customers, Adlucent Index™ is the only solution on the market that works directly with Google Smart Bidding to give advertisers the power to control how conversions are valued and measured. Adlucent Index™ customizes how paid search and shopping ad campaigns are optimized according to the most important metrics for their business.

Adlucent Index™ works in tandem with Google’s automation solutions to control how digital advertising campaigns in Google Ads value each conversion, rather than bidding on only clicks and revenue. Adlucent Index™ ingests each advertiser’s first-party data and augments in real time automated ad platform bidding algorithms into a unique, custom algorithm to find better customers based on the client’s profitability goals and other customizable metrics. Fully adaptable to brands’ business goals, Adlucent Index™ is available for Google text ads, Smart Shopping and Performance Max campaigns and ads across Facebook and Instagram.

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“Automation is on the rise in performance marketing and as it continues Adlucent Index™ will play a critical role in giving brands a competitive edge,” said Ashwani Dhar, CEO of Adlucent. “We’re thrilled to be rolling out Adlucent Index™ as it marks a breakthrough in marketing technology that perfectly accomplishes our mission to reimagine client outcomes for our retail and brand partners. We look forward to continued innovation that paves the way for the future of marketing.”

“Platform automation tools are making it easier than ever for brands to use machine learning in paid search and social advertising campaigns, but limited control to guide these algorithms significantly stifles growth potential,” Dhar added. “Adlucent Index™ answers marketers’ needs to strike a balance between platform automation and the human touch of understanding products, categories and seasonality. It allows brands to take control of their campaigns and prioritize data that is not always accessible to Google — whether that’s revenue, margin or predicted customer lifetime value, among other metrics, for campaign outcomes that have a true impact.”

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