CloudShare Empowers B2B Software Marketers with Hubspot Integration

Customer engagement can now be accessed directly from Hubspot’s platform

 CloudShare has integrated its product experience platform with Hubspot. B2B software marketers can now access data on product competency and engagement of their customers and prospects directly from Hubspot’s platform, streamlining operations, improving marketing opportunities, and reducing the risk of customer churn.

B2B software marketers need visibility into how customers and prospects are interacting with their products, so they can improve product experiences. For example, by monitoring the extent to which a prospect is engaged during a product proof-of-concept (POC) or product training, marketers can proactively address concerns and respond to opportunities.

CloudShare collects data on product participation during POCs and training sessions. Now seamlessly accessed from Hubspot, CloudShare’s data allows marketers to monitor product engagement levels directly from their Hubspot platform. This cross-departmental collaboration streamlines the management of a customer’s journey, from sales to onboarding and training.

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“CloudShare is dedicated to doing everything possible to help its customers reduce costs and save on resources, especially in times of recession,” said Muly Gotlieb, Chief Technology Officer at CloudShare. “Our integration with Hubspot is a part of this strategy: Enrich your CRM with crucial data on how engaged your prospects and customers are with your product, and you’ll more quickly be able to derive conclusions about your sales and training operations, allowing immediate corrective actions to optimize your POCs, close more deals, and make sure your customers are fully competent on your products to raise customer retention, which is more crucial today than ever before.”

The integration with Hubspot is the latest in a series of product releases from CloudShare aimed at improving product engagement and experience. Earlier this year, CloudShare announced an integration with Salesforce as well as in-app video conferencing and multi-instructor functionality.

CloudShare also recently enhanced the analytics capabilities in its platform to expose in-class participation rates and drop-off rates, who participated in POCs and for how long, etc., allowing software organizations to finally measure POCs and customer training ROI effectively.

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