5 Simple and Prominent Cold Emailing Strategies

As we move towards a more digitally transformed world, cold emailing will lose its importance. In the long run, businesses may forget that cold emailing is a great method for building relationships and quality lead generation. This is mostly because investing in a cold email campaign can seem a difficult and exhaustive task to many. However, with careful planning and an understanding of each individual and approaching them the right way, cold emailing campaigns can be highly effective.

So far, email marketing campaigns have proven to be an excellent way to build connections with clients on a personal level. By investing in cold emailing campaigns, you can send out a series of personalized emails with business-related information to your audience.

Here are some simple yet important cold emailing strategies businesses can try out.

Write Short, Easy, and Actionable Emails

An American theatrical producer, David Belasco said, “If you can’t write your idea on the back of my calling card, you don’t have a clear idea”.

In order to place the same idea in marketing, any form of marketing gimmick short and sweet is what customers always prefer. Cold emailing is all about short, easy, and actionable emails. So, write short emails as customers prefer short emails more than lengthy ones. Short and easy-to-read emails that request clear and specific actions have a higher chance of generating responses.

Cold EmailingOn the other hand, by reading long emails, the reader might get distracted or may not even reach the section of ‘Call To Action’. It will also result in missing out important benefits or information that the mail possesses.

Do Not Come off As Too Self-Promoting and Sales-Y

When writing a cold email make sure that you are not self-promoting your brand too much or pressurizing a potential customer to buy your product or service. The best cold emailing strategy is to not right away jump into selling your product or services. Take a good amount of time to understand the audience to whom you are reaching. Customers tend to quickly know who is truly adding value to their needs or simply promoting bizarre things  to generate revenue. Fooling your customers can be a wastage of your time and services.

So, try sending a couple of emails where your prospect feels comfortable receiving your emails and can easily contact you. By understanding their interests, engage with their issues and needs. Then gradually move toward follow-up emails to pitch your sales idea. If you come off as too sales-y in the very first email your prospects will never convert. Thoroughly research on the requirements of your potential customers.

Conduct Proper Research of Your Target Prospects

When we buy a product, we tend to conduct thorough research of the product before finally buying it. So why not research your target prospects? Researching your target audience is a highly important part of a cold email marketing strategy. If there is a good chance of the prospect becoming your customer then it is best to know them to build a connection.

To conduct the research, try analyzing the existing audience. You can make questionnaires or conduct any other form of survey to understand their experience. Utilize all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels to get more insights. You can even use tools like SparkToro, which can assist you to know your audience, their interest areas, and how you can reach them.


Ending tasks with a personal touch is always a successful marketing strategy.  A personalized touch to your cold sales email is a sure way to create better outreach. Personalization in cold emailing refers to writing the recipients’ names in the emails or adding any other information about their professional interests or hobbies. Many businesses have reported that personalized cold email writing successfully increased their response rates.

Personalization in cold emailing helps in gaining high engagement rates which lower the chances of getting into spam and raises the chances of deliverability. When you try personalizing the mails, the sender is categorized as trustworthy.

Some practices you can follow while personalizing the mail will be by adding personalized snippets to your templates. This can also be done by customizing your emails and segmenting your prospect list. This will help you increase deliverability and attract the customers to take action after receiving your mails.

Call To Action (CTA)

Last but not least is the way you end your cold emails. Do not confuse or pressurize your potential customer to respond to your emails. You can tell them directly what you want them to do and how to do it or you can seek their permission to further continue the conversation. Lastly, give your prospects a strong ending with appropriate CTA so that they can easily respond to your emails or visit your website.

There are numerous ways and techniques to address the call to action such as providing specific date and time like asking the customers to be available at a certain time to chat or respond. You can use tools like Doodle, Calendly to block the dates for certain activities.

Cold Emailing

Requesting for connection also helps in lead generation. You can request the prospect to let you connect with a higher authority like manager or CEO. By doing this, you can reach the right person in the very first place. In CTA, you can even ask your prospect, they will be interested in value adding content such as videos, brochures, white papers, relevant articles etc.

Wrapping it up

Cold emailing requires proper execution so that you can bring in new customers and make loyal clients out of the existing ones. Make your message direct and short that contain links back to your website or specific pages. Cold emailing is super effective in generating quality leads and building relationships that can execute a purchase as the end result.

Successful cold emailing for better outreach largely depends on how many and which strategies you use as well as how well you execute them. In this way you can send relevant cold mails to your prospects without making them feel that they are being spammed.


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