GP Launches AI Video Contextual Platform


GP US, a FONA company , is pleased to announce the launch of its AI-powered video contextual platform in the US. Although the platform has been live and running with numerous Fortune 500 brands internationally, across 23 countries, the GP US team has been developing several localized features for the US market expansion. GP US technology helps brands, and their respective agencies distinctly increase the effectiveness of video campaigns by bringing a level of granular and intent-based targeting to the Youtube channel that has been unattainable with traditional buying tools.

Clients have seen increases in engagement metrics, time on page and page views, by an average of 3.4x and 12x, respectively.

One of the biggest challenges with video contextual advertising over recent years has been realizing enough granularity with video processing and analysis to truly identify, understand, and separate appropriate videos from inappropriate ones. Nobody wants their video advertising campaigns to appear adjacent to mislabeled segments, misaligned audiences or unsuitable content, which can result in negative ROI, or worse, reputational damage.

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Up until now the top industry players have resorted to solving this by implementing bulky Youtube channel-level blocks or introducing numerous one-size fits all contextual categories. However, the power of Youtube and other large video content platforms is that one can target ads to intent-based video content specifically curated to the advertiser’s product or brand messaging.

GP video contextual platform has been consistently outperforming affinity targeting tactics. Clients have seen increases in engagement metrics, time on page and page views, by an average of 3.4x and 12x, respectively. Not only does it give some breathing room for brands trying to navigate the new era of a privacy centric ad industry but also the ever-changing and complex cookie-replacement solutions developing in the market.

“Bringing a video contextual platform to market that can utilize greater quantity and quality of signals in a smarter way allows for a similar approach to audience-based targeting but considerably more real-time and accurate, “said Francisco Quiroga, CCO at GP US.

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