GR0 Wins 2022 Gold AVA Digital Award for Best SEM Campaign

GR0 is honored to announce that it has won the 2022 Gold AVA Digital Award for Best Search Marketing (SEM) Campaign on behalf of its work with DTC clients in 2021.

AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes outstanding work by creative professionals involved in the concept, direction, design and production of media that is part of the evolution of digital communication. Recognized work ranges from audio and video productions, animation, interactive websites, blogs, podcasts, social media sites and other forms of user-generated communication.

The LA-based marketing agency focuses mainly on SEO, but has recently built out a smaller SEM branch that is quickly gaining traction. The growing team works with DTC and B2B brands, helping them attract high-quality leads due to users qualifying which results they want to see via their keyword search. This strategy is completely passive – also considered “pull” marketing – achieving exciting results for brands, and especially B2B advertisers.

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“We are very excited and honored to win the Gold Ava Award for our SEM work with DTC clients. Our company strives to be a reliable and consistent source of growth for the brands that we partner with, and it is always a pleasure to see our strategies and ongoing optimizations come to fruition,” said GR0’s Co-Head of Google Ads Michael Uribe.

“Here at GR0, we pride ourselves on our transparency, reliability, and expertise and when we stick to those three values we are able to achieve incredible results for our partners. Of course, no Google Ads campaign is successful if the brand doesn’t have a strong value add, so our ability to win an award like this also reflects positively on the quality of the partners that we work with.”

The GR0 team launched SEM, Shopping, YouTube and display retargeting campaigns for the client across various media objectives – capturing lower-funnel brand traffic, as well as acquiring new customers to the client’s subscription service at scale, for the lowest cost per acquisition possible. The team managed to hustle, test and optimize non-brand and shopping SEM to a sustainable cost-per-conversion above a 3.5-4x ROAS, landing below the client’s cost-per-conversion objective for non-brand by at least 50%. The campaign fueled a significant funding round just 3 months after launch – an undisclosed amount was raised and the results of GR0’s non-brand SEM campaigns were credited as a primary factor.

The leading LA-based agency helps brands rank #1 on Google by leveraging search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

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