Hawke Acquires Morphio to Enhance the Launch of hawke.ai


Hawke Media launches hawke.ai, an automated marketing strategy and insights tool. The product is the outcome of combining Hawke Media’s data, insights, and product roadmap with Morphio, the recently acquired Canadian-based MarTech platform.

“With hawke.ai, we have created an AI-enabled CMO,” said Founder and CEO of Hawke Media, Erik Huberman. “This new platform comes after eight years of collecting data and analytics and six years of heavy software development. The platform enables automation at the marketing strategy level based on thousands of insights in various industries.”

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“Morphio and Hawke Media share a vision to provide actionable insights to marketers,” says Nima Mirbakhsh, the CTO of Morphio. “Morphio has data and insights built into the platform, and Hawke has the years of marketing experience and experts to help brands see the forest through the trees.”

The launch of hawke.ai is a defining moment in Hawke’s mission to make great marketing accessible to all. The platform centralizes data across all major digital marketing platforms in a single view for quick analysis with deep insights. hawke.ai will track performance against your goals and competitors with machine learning while predicting trends. For example, a drop in Facebook Ad performance could be an issue with specific ads or a trend across all of Facebook. hawke.ai will differentiate the two so marketers don’t waste time on the wrong concerns.

“The purpose of hawke.ai is to free business owners to focus on the top priorities across their business that need more time,” said Huberman. “This tool solves what marketers spend half their time on. Incubated inside one of the top marketing agencies in N.A., a marketers-first approach makes it unlike anything else in the industry.”

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