MGID Launches Interactive Rich Media Ads, Helping Advertisers Increase Ad Attention and Engagement

MGID, the global advertising platform, has announced the launch of interactive rich media ads across its portfolio of premium publishers, driving effectiveness for advertisers through increased audience engagement and attention.

MGID’s interactive rich media format will allow consumers to engage with ads by dragging and tapping the screen, revealing additional perspectives of an image and extra content. Enriched with all the benefits of MGID’s existing ad formats, including high-quality native placement, intelligent contextual targeting and brand safety, this new format will further facilitate publishers, advertisers and consumers to engage with creative in a more meaningful and positive way.

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According to eMarketer projections, US spend on rich media ads is set to increase by 21.8% in 2023, rising from over $88 billion this year to over $107 billion next year. By 2026, it’s estimated this figure will nearly double to $160 billion, highlighting its huge benefits for both the buy and sell sides.

Madi Bachar, VP of Sales at MGID, says: “As digital marketers continue their transition from viewability to attention as the metric of choice, we’re thrilled to offer a progressive ad format that helps advertisers stand out among competitors. With budgets under more scrutiny than ever, our interactive rich media ads will ensure creative leaves a lasting impression on target audiences, reducing wasted spend and boosting ROI. Offering engagement rates up to six times higher than static display ads, they’re more effective at grabbing the attention of audiences and ultimately increasing the impact of advertising.”

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